Staying Warm with Imperial’s Keep Warm Knits

If you haven’t noticed, the weather this winter has been as odd and freaky as a Miley Cyrus award show performance. While December saw the East Coast basking in balmy spring-like temperatures, Mother Nature has been taking a ‘wrecking ball’ to the West Coast (and my scorecards) with cold, wet and blustery conditions. We see you East Coast, and we want our weather back. Yes, El Nino is here and the fun is just starting.

Apparently, though, the folks at Imperial cracked open their Farmer’s Almanac. They were prepared for Mother Nature to get her freak on this winter by releasing the aptly named Keep Warm Knit Hats. This isn’t Imperial’s first successful attempt at neutralizing the ill effects of Mother Nature with an innovative piece of headwear. In fact, the brand is gaining a reputation for taking a hat, which was once thought of as a fashion accessory, and turning it into an integral piece of equipment. Just as Imperial’s lids with Coolcore™ technology helped me to keep a cool head (literally) on the course this past summer, its Keep Warm Knit Hats are keeping my melon toasty and dry this winter.

So, whether you are suffering through winter with me on the West Coast, getting a few unexpected rounds in on the East Coast, or somewhere in between, here are 5 reasons to cover your lettuce with Imperial’s Keep Warm Knits.

1. Warmth – That whole myth about losing body heat through your head was busted, but nonetheless, having an icy dome and frozen ears is a good way to spoil a four hour walk this winter. Imperial’s Keep Warm Knits are built for the most extreme conditions. They are lined with a warm, soft fleece and covered with a heavy wool knit.

2. Waterproof – On the West Coast, our wet and cold seasons are one in the same, which always presents an interesting dilemma. A waterproof bucket or baseball hat keeps the head dry, but it exposes the ears. On the flip side, a beanie will protect the ears but eventually become soaked. The Keep Warm Knits are the only winter hats that I’ve worn that are waterproof and cover the ears.

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3. The Bobble – It wasn’t too long ago that guys wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a hat with a multicolored pom-pom on top of it. Oh, how the times have changed. Now bobbles are one of the strongest trends in menswear along with bomber jackets and parkas with faux fur on the hoods. Imperial also offers the Keep Warm Knits without the bobble if you can’t wrap your head around the idea of wearing a pom-pom.

4. Retro Style – Between the bobble and the knitted design, this hat possesses a retro vibe. In fact, John Swantek and I were reminiscing on his Talk of the Tour radio show a few weeks ago about wearing hats like these as kids. Old school cool. New school technology.

5. Customization – Imperial’s Keep Warm Knit Hats are available in six styles and over 70 color options, and can be customized with a club or team name knitted into the hat design. This is a great alternative to stocking another hat in the shop with a crest or logo on it.

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