Bunker Mentality’s Bold Approach to Summer

Bunker Mentality is bringing a new dress code to the course — one that pushes the envelope of traditional golf fashion, while respecting the heritage and etiquette of the game. The U.K.-based label’s designs are uniquely bold, aggressive and ultra-modern. Inspired by street wear and high fashion trends, Bunker Mentality allows players to create their own style as a form of self-expression, while kicking the boring and staid ‘golf uniform’ to the curb.

There is a lot to respect about the guys at the heart of Bunker Mentality. At the top of my list, though, is the fact that they are not afraid to challenge me. Loyal readers will remember that I first wrote about the brand last summer. After singing the praises of another brand’s belts on Twitter, they challenged me to try one of theirs. Then, a few weeks ago, they reminded me of my promise to add more color to my on-course looks by sending a few pieces from their SS’15 Collection, including a pair of hot pink pants and a high intensity graphic polo. More color? Mission accomplished!

Bunker Mentality is more than a bright, shiny and pretty face, though. At the core, is a range of apparel that is as functional as it is funky.

Golfellas Trousers
I have talked a lot about 5-pocket pants this year. They are all the rage on the professional tours, and with good reason. While the golf course is still one of the few places where you can’t rock a pair of those $200 designer jeans, 5-pocket pants are the next best thing from a style standpoint. Their casual, laid back look is a perfect fit for the modern game. Not to mention, the fifth pocket actually has a function on the course, as it makes for a great place to stash a ball marker. Seriously, when was the last time you used the fifth pocket on those AG, 7, Hudson or Citizens jeans?

Three-color fabric strip and the brand’s logo embroidered in contrasting thread on the fifth pocket.

Bunker Mentality’s Golfellas trousers play into the 5-pocket trend, while placing a premium on style and performance. Although they may look like a classic pair of cotton chinos, the Golfellas were built for playability. The 67% mercerized cotton, 30% polyester and 3% elastane blend provides a rich sheen. The cotton offers a soft hand feel that you would expect from a pair of pants vying for the top spot in your wardrobe, while the polyester provides the technical water repellency and breathability you demand on the course. The elastane, coupled with the functional articulations at the knee and front pockets, allows you to effortlessly stroll the links and crouch to read putts without worrying about a clothing malfunction. A non-slip silicon inner waistband prevents your shirt from coming untucked during the round.

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Since 5-pocket pants are trending, there are plenty of options available. However, thanks to clever details, the Golfellas have distinguished themselves from other options in the market. Most of the 5-pocket trousers I’ve seen on the course downplay the existence of the fifth pocket. In typical Bunker Mentality fashion, though, the fifth pocket is actually highlighted with a three-color fabric strip and the brand’s logo embroidered in contrasting thread. That same strip appears on the back belt loop and the brand’s alternate logo makes an appearance between the waistband and right rear pocket. The result is an elevated, Tour-quality aesthetic.

Three-color fabric strip on back belt loop and the brand’s logo above the right pocket.

Not to be overlooked, are the understated rear pockets. Like any high-end denim or twill pant, the Golfellas rear pockets have a distinct look. The tonal stitching and sharp corners offer an up-market feel, while maintaining the functional depth and width needed to store a scorecard or glove on the course.

The fit of the Golfellas is exactly what you would expect from a fashion-forward U.K.-based label. They possess a sleek and modern silhouette that Bunker Mentality describes as a ‘relaxed slim fit.’ American readers don’t fret. The Golfellas have a nice amount of room in the hips and thighs with an ever so subtle taper through the lower leg. Plus, thanks to the playability and comfort features mentioned above, the Golfellas actually play and feel wider than they look. The Golfellas are available in a stone color or a high-octane hot pink (show here) or blue.

Also, be sure to check out Bunker Mentality’s Nino Tech pants and shorts, another 5-pocket design, and the Jetback trousers with a more classic 4-pocket design.

CMax Polos
Bunker Mentality offers two ranges of polo shirts — the aptly named Game Day and Lifestyle Collections. The Game Day range was created specifically for on-course performance. The technical pique features all the moisture wicking, stretch and breathability you would expect from a top-shelf golf polo.

I like that Bunker Mentality allows you to dial up or down your look with its polos. Prints are trending and the aggressive five-color pattern on the CMax Golfadelic polo that I have been wearing is positively trippy. It offers the perfect blend of retro styling and contemporary details. The vibrant geometric pattern offers a digital interpretation of a late 60s mod-inspired print, while the short and narrow sleeves are quite modern.

Other bold designs in the range include the CMax Racing Stripe polo with an eye-catching color blocked stripe pattern and an elongated four-button placket, the CMax Golf War polo with the ever so trendy camo print, and the CMax Camo Golfedilic polo, which appears to be the offspring of the Golfadelic and Golf War polos.

CMax Events polos. (Image via Bunker Mentality)

If you are looking for something slightly more subdued, then the CMax Events polo will be a perfect fit. The iconic design is met with modern energy through the form of color tipping on the collar and sleeves. The contrasting lower placket brings a pop of color to the front of the shirt and Bunker Mentality logo on the right sleeve is distinctly modern.

The pieces in the Lifestyle range were created to go anywhere and do anything. The 100% cotton designs easily transition from the pub to the coffee bar or the summer barbecue. If you are looking to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe, then the Bunker Five’O polo is a ‘must-have’ from this range. The vintage aloha print is completely on trend and reminds me of those stunning Hawaiian prints that Ryo Ishikawa has been wearing this year.

Bunker Belt
A belt can make or break an outfit. As you know, there is a time and a place for a white belt, and if you are looking for a strap to complement a pair of white pants or shorts, then Bunker Mentality’s Bunker Belt should have your attention.

Bunker Mentality Bunker belt

There are several things to like about the Bunker Belt, and one thing that I wish was different. First, the slim profile is on point. Belts, much like ties and lapels, have been hitting the gym over the last few years. The result is slimmer, sleeker straps than what we saw five to ten years ago. The Bunker Belt is at the forefront of this trend as it checks in with the svelte width of 2.8 cm. For those of you on this side of the pond, that translates to a hair over 1.1 inches. Second, the thin, rectangular buckle falls in line with this trend. It also maintains the fun aspects of the Bunker Mentality brand while still being understated. Third, the exotic print offers an affordable alternative to the exotic skin craze, and it immediately adds texture to any look.

My only disappointment with the Bunker Belt is that it is faux leather. Not that anyone can tell by looking at it, but for $72 USD, I’d like to have something that used to moo wrapped around my waist.

Rounding out Bunker Mentality’s range of belts are three webbed options — the Braided Stretch Belt, the Bunker Logo Belt, and the Hit Hard Belt. By now you know that I’m high on webbed belts, especially in the summer, so any of these are a strong way to complete your looks this season.

Bunker Logo Playa Cap
No golf outfit is complete without a hat, and Bunker Mentality has you covered here, as well. The iconic Bunker Logo Playa Cap is the way to go. I’m happy to report that it has a curved bill (not a flat bill). The fitted design features a nice stretch for comfort and mesh panels provides ventilation on those warm summer days.

Bunker Logo Playa cap

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