Going for a Dip: Dip Dyed Apparel Now Trending in Golf

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In case you’ve been under a rock, or more likely under a snow drift this winter, let me be the first to tell you that prints are in. Prints of all shapes and sizes are trending — large prints, small prints, geometric prints and preppy prints. One type of print that is quickly gaining traction on the fairways, however, is the dip dyed print.

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So, what’s a dip dyed print? Think tie dye, but more chic and less hippie. The shades of color move from light to dark, giving the appearance that the fabric was hand dipped in a bowl of dye. A few years ago this design was called ‘ombre,’ but it has apparently been reincarnated with the name ‘dip dyed.’

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Rory McIlroy and Charl Schwartzel have already been spotted at the WGC – Cadillac Championship sporting Nike’s Afterburner Polo that has a dip dyed effect. Hugo Boss’ Paddy Pro 4 Polo combines colorful prints with a dip dyed effect. Plus, one of my favorite sock brands, Stance, has some killer dip dyed styles in its spring collection.

My favorite pieces, though, are coming from the modern British sportswear brand, Wolsey. Its dip dyed pique polos, sweaters and jackets are eye-catching and feature a contemporary fit. Wolsey doesn’t have a huge presence on the PGA Tour, but well-dressed European Tour players, Robert Rock and Tom Lewis are great ambassadors for the brand on the other side of the pond. Of course, the best place to find Wolsey here in the U.S. is at Trendygolf.

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If you are looking to add dip dyed tops to your spring wardrobe, here are a few tips. Wear them as you would any other print. Keep the rest of your look simple and clean. Pair the top with solid color pants or shorts, preferably in the same color family as the shirt, and match your belt to your pants for a well blended look.

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