Bunker Mentality Bunker Crest Belt

Bunker Mentality is bold, brash and brilliant — and I love the fact that it makes no apologies for being that way.

20140727-195309-71589440.jpgCase in point, a couple of weeks ago, Bunker Mentality’s sister brand, Queen of the Green, engaged in a Twitter debate with me about the aesthetics of another UK-based brand’s belts. A few days later, one of Bunker Mentality’s Bunker Crest Belts showed up here at GolfThreads headquarters. I love when a brand has so much confidence in their products that they are willing to prove to you how great they are — no questions asked.

If you are not familiar with Bunker Mentality, the brand’s MO is all about pushing the envelope while respecting the heritage of the game, and the Crest Belt is a great example of this. The coat of arms and Union Jack shield provide an air of aristocracy and a tip of the derby to the traditions of the game. However, the white enamel buckle and silhouette of a golfer playing a bunker shot quickly removes any stuffiness from the design and offers a modern edge.

20140727-194052-70852317.jpgThe strap itself is well made. The stitching is on-point and the leather is soft and supple. Yes, the lads at Bunker Mentality may like to add a touch of humor to their products, but it is clear that they take style and quality very seriously.

I have to say, since I’ve received the belt, it has been a popular choice for me this summer for a couple of reasons.

First, my game has been in a rare state where I’m finding the middle of the club face and the ball has been finding the bottom of the hole in fewer strokes than normal. So, much like Anthony Kim back in the day, a daring belt buckle just fuels my self-confidence on the course even more.

Second, red, white and blue has been the trendy color way of the summer, so this Bunker Crest Belt has been the perfect accessory for summer. It is a great complement to a red shirt. Pair it with a white shirt/blue short combo (or vice versa) and it brings an energetic pop of color to look.

Best of all, the Bunker Crest Belt is now 50% off on Bunker Mentality’s website so this is a great opportunity to get a cool belt at a cool price.

20140727-194101-70861711.jpgThe brand has been leaking images of its Fall Collection in the social media world, and based on what I see and my experience with the Bunker Crest Belt, I’ll likely be adding more Bunker Mentality to my wardrobe.

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