Glenn Taylor 28: Elegance with a Twist

One of the biggest trends in golf fashion these days is polo shirts with patterned detailing on the collars and inner plackets. While we can debate which brand started this trend, one thing is certain — it’s a look that is only gaining momentum at this point.

The Charley James Shirt
The Charley James shirt from Glenn Taylor 28.

The latest brand to throw its stylish collars into the mix is Glenn Taylor 28 — a small Southern California brand with big ideas and even bigger collars. GT28 was born from one man’s love (obsession with) of golf apparel and his wife’s design talents.

“The idea for GT28 came about because of my golf addicted husband, Jonathan. He is a bit obsessed with golf clothes, shoes or anything golf related. I’m pretty sure his collection of golf shoes is now up to 25 pairs, and he has an entire closet dedicated to golf clothes. Seeing how much my husband loves golf clothes, I thought it would be fun to design our own golf shirts and see where it took us”. — Jennifer Taylor, Glenn Taylor 28

The only thing I can say is, “Kudos, Jonathan.” Only half of my closet is dedicated to golf apparel and you have about 20 more pairs of shoes. I obviously need to step up my game or have you as a guest blogger here at GolfThreads.

GT28 recently released its debut collection which includes a range of six polos in classic colors, such as black, white and red. Each offers its own unique twist in the form of contrasting plackets and patterned collars.

My introduction to Glenn Taylor 28 was through the Charley James shirt — a simple, yet elegant polo. While it is natural to be drawn to collars of GT28 shirts, the fit is really the stand out quality for me. Those of you who follow this blog know that I’m a stickler for fit. While there is no way to save an ugly shirt, a great looking shirt can be ruined with a poor fit or elevated to elite status with the proper fit.

Perfectly tailored sleeves and shoulders.
Perfectly tailored sleeves and shoulders.

The shoulders on the Charley James shirt hit where they should (at the shoulders). I’ve never had to resort to the dreaded ‘shoulder tug’ in order to make a comfortable swing while wearing it. The sleeves hit the mid-bicep area and are narrow, but not tight. It features a well-tailored fit through the body and the length allows it to be comfortably worn tuck or untucked. In a word, the fit is perfect.

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear the Charley James in hot, humid conditions, but I’ve worn it in temperatures around 70 degrees and the performance is on par with what we all expect from golf shirts these days. The polyester blend fabric was comfortable and provides the ideal amount of stretch. Other shirts in the collection offer a cotton/polyester blend if you are looking for a more natural fabric that can be worn on and off the course.

From a style standpoint, the contrasting pink inner placket of the Charley James provides a dramatic pop against the solid black color of the shirt. I received several compliments on the shirt from my playing partners and even received a compliment while on a Skype video call following my round. Everyone commented on the contrast of the pink inner placket on the black body of the shirt.

Polka dot detailing on the collar.
Polka dot detailing on the collar.

The signature design element of the Charley James shirt, and all GT28 shirts for that matter, is the collar. The collar has a very retro vibe and is larger than many of the golf shirts on the market today. As a point of comparison, the size of the collar is similar to those on Alial Fital shirts — maybe even a touch bigger.

The larger collar pairs nicely with sweaters. Smaller collars have a tendency to fly out of v-neck sweaters, but the larger collar on the Charley James stays nicely tucked in. The small white polka dots on the collar complement the elegant look of the shirt and give the collar some depth.

Other shirts in the collection include the distinguished Savant (black with an elegant grey plaid collar), the sporty Jonit (a traditional white polo with a spectrum of blues, greens and yellows on the collar), the lively Miles (a crisp white polo with an eye-catching tangerine colored design on the collar), racy Skiffington (a bright red with black and white ‘checkered flag’ accent on the collar) and the smooth Ryan (a brilliant red with a stately grey plaid collar).

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Best of all, the Charley James, and all Glenn Taylor 28 shirts, check in at just $65. This puts them at or beneath the price point for most quality golf shirts on the market today.

For more on this cool start-up brand, go to or follow them in the social media world on Twitter (@GlennTaylor28), on Facebook and on Instagram (@GlennTaylor28).

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