Really Sketchy: RLX U.S. Open Scripts for Luke Donald, Billy Horschel & Matteo Manassero

The U.S. Open apparel scripts by RLX for Luke Donald, Billy Horschel and Matteo Manassero look like they are straight out of Project Runway. These pencil-sketched scripts bring a level of art and culture to the scripting process that fits the brand’s image to a T(ee) and resonates with its’ style-conscious followers. I have to admit, after looking at these renditions, I want to go out and buy some RLX shirts, pants and belts.

RLX U.S. Open ClothingRLX fuses elegant and sporty looks like no other brand and Donald, Horschel and Manassero will showcase the best that RLX has to offer this summer at Merion. Expect a mix of crisp stripes, bold color blocking, classic solids and preppy checks and plaids from this trio.

My favorite looks by day?
Thursday: Billy Horschel’s white shirt madras pants combination.

Friday: Luke Donald’s pink shirt and navy gingham pants ensemble

Saturday: Luke Donald’s black and white striped shirt paired with white pants

Sunday: Billy Horschel’s rugby-inspired multi-colored striped shirt and white pants (Update: Horschel has flipped the script and opted for Sunday’s multi-colored striped shirt and white pants on Saturday.)

The most intriguing is Horschel’s octopus-print pants on Saturday. Based on the weather, those octopi may feel right at home on Saturday.

Luke Donald’s U.S. Open Apparel Script (Friday – Sunday)

Luke Donald U.S. Open Clothing
Matteo Manassero’s U.S. Open Apparel Script (Friday – Sunday)

Matteo Manassero U.S. Open Clothing
Billy Horschel’s U.S. Open Apparel Script (Friday – Sunday)

Billy Horschel U.S. Open Clothing

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