Adam Scott Wins the Masters in a $20 Polo Shirt from Uniqlo

For those of us who think that you need the latest clothing from high-fashion brands, traditional golf companies and sneaker companies (and I include myself in this group), let Adam Scott’s victory at the Masters be a lesson in style. Scott won his first major championship today in a $20 polo shirt from Uniqlo. That’s correct–$20. A zero is not missing. You can essentially get Scott’s entire Masters collection for what you’d pay for one of the shirts from other brands.

In a curious twist of fate, Scott just signed with the Japanese apparel company this week. On the surface it seems like a strange partnership. In the past, Scott has gravitated towards high-fashion, luxury brands such as J.Lindeberg, Burberry and most recently, Aquascutum, who’s shirts and pants retail for between $100 – $200.

So, how did Scott make a $20 polo shirt look like a million bucks? (1) basic colors; (2) classic styles; and most importantly (3) fit. This is a great example of how to make clothes at any price point look great.

Check out the links below to get Adam Scott’s winning look (before that $20 polo shirt turns into an $80 shirt).

Sunday’s Shirt

Saturday’s Shirt

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  1. Love the post; I’ve been looking for this all day. Buyer beware, though. Adam Scott may be the most beautiful man in professional golf. He could wear a trash bag and make it look good.

      1. Nice. I actually haven’t been this excited about a brand since Y.E. Yang wore that great Le Coq Sportif shirt to win at the 2009 PGA Champs. I loved that Scott was on Uniqlo’s homepage today; it seems they will capitalize where Le Coq failed. I’ll be the first to buy if Uniqlo designs a commemorative polo in “Masters green.”

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