Part Time Golf Company for a Full Time Passion

PTGLeagueFor most of us, golf is a part-time activity. However, if you’re like me, golf is a full-time passion. From the moment I walk off the 18th green, I can’t wait to walk back on the first tee.

I’ve written a lot about brands that transition well from the course to other settings, but there has been a lack of off-course wear for serious golfers. That is until Troy Hamilton saw this void and founded the Part Time Golf Company. Now, whether you are grabbing a pint with your buddies, going to the gym or chilling on the couch watching the final round of a Tour event, you can finally wear something that shows your love of the game.

I didn’t know much about Part Time Golf, but when I arrived at, I knew it was for me. The logo–a golfer in a crouch position intently reading a putt–immediately grabbed my attention and said a lot. Troy calls this the “Polo Horse” of golf. It is clean, classy and stylish and it is incorporated into a variety hat and t-shirt styles.

6606_IconGolf has been getting more athletic over the last decade and golf fashion has been influenced by other sports. It is easy to see this influence in the hats and t-shirts from Part Time Golf.

The League hats are killer due to the pure simplicity of the design with a small logo on the left front panel of the hat that resembles the red, white and blue logos of major American sports leagues. Most hats from OEMs are busy these days–littered with bright colors and multiple complex logos. It is refreshing to wear a League hat from Part Time Golf that is low key (remember, Taylor Made isn’t paying you to wear that RBZ hat). The League hats are available in a number of modern Flexfit® styles–the flat-brimmed Pro Fitted 210, the snapback Retro Trucker and the Mesh Ultrafibre.

6606_LeagueThe Icon hats make a powerful statement with the crouching golfer logo. The Pinstripe and Pro Fitted 210 provide a very ‘X-sports’ vibe, while the Glen Check has more of an old world, Scottish feel.

Pinstripe_PlaidIf baseball-style hats aren’t your thing, Part Time Golf also offers military-style hats with either the Icon or League logos, plus a smooth driving hat.

Have you ever tried to find cool golf t-shirts? Good luck. But, the tees from Part Time Golf fill this void. All are made from preshrunk 100% ComfortSoft® cotton. What does this mean for you? Your wife/girlfriend will probably steal it (so order two) and it won’t be two sizes smaller after its first trip through the washer and dryer. The shirts are available in a variety of colors and styles with the Icon or League logo, in addition to other designs. My favorite? The Rasta League shirt. It provides that ultimate in laid back style.

What separates Part Time Golf from other golf apparel companies is the Player Map that Troy Hamilton is building at The Player Map is a social network of golfers where you can post, share and connect about the game.

NO-BRAINER ALERT…Joining the Player Map is free and you receive a sequentially numbered bag tag, plus a 15% discount on all your orders from Part Time Golf. How can you go wrong?
PTGMurrayPressCelebrities, such as Bill Murray, former Big Break contestant Derek Bohlen, and countless athletes have already embraced the brand. Next up for Part Time Golf is a full line of functional and stylish gear, along with a women’s line, so check out Part Time Golf at The brand is also very active in the social media world, so give them a follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Sign up, get some cool gear and be part of a great community.

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