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Matt Every is the likeness that inspired the logo, which launched Live Forever Golf. In 2019 at the AT&T Byron Nelson, Every was T-2 when his ball got plugged in the sand. During a moment of passion, he chucked his wedge out of frustration. Matt’s buddy, Scott Riley, took the image and had a graphic designer create a silhouette of this moment. When he shared it with Matt Every, Scott Toole, and Lewis Price, he said, “It is like dunking on the golf world: the Jordan of golf!” 

Armed with a logo born from an irreverent image, these buddies decided to see if they could make some noise in the golf world. Struggling with a name for their new company they decided on Live Forever Golf as a nod to the Oasis-inspired tattoo that Matt has on his right arm. The four pals from northeast Florida took up space in Toole’s garage during Covid, and much like Matt Every did with his club, they let it fly.

The Journey

What began as a t-shirt and hat line quickly took off into a full-fledged golf-lifestyle clothing brand once Matt Proctor came aboard with his extensive apparel background. Live Forever Golf embraced golf counterculture as an alternative to the stuffy country club attitude of yesteryear. They wanted to develop apparel that focused on the player, not the game. 

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As a result, they blended a secondary “Groovy” logo (three horizontal lines) into their apparel as a link to the player’s individual journey. These lines symbolize the third groove of the golf club, aka the “sweet spot.” As golfers, we all want to replicate the transcendent experience of hitting the sweet spot; in golf and life.

The Beauty of Letting Go

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If I had to describe the Live Forever Golf “style,” it would be casually cool and unassuming. Picture…that guy…no matter where you see him, he always looks good and does so effortlessly; that is LFG’s style.  That guy has embraced “the beauty of letting go.” He’s no longer chasing fashion trends but wearing clothes that perform on the course while being meant for everything else.

LFG was able to create this “style” by making clothes for guys who play golf instead of developing apparel for the game of golf. They let go of golf fashion norms and focused on gear that is appropriate for the things they love to do. LFG polos, 5-pocket pants, hoodies, 1/4 zips, shorts, and tees are designed and styled for golf, coaching at the ball field, fishing, beach days, and sharing beers with buddies.

The Product (Spring ’23)


While the brand’s primary logo is lighthearted and fun, the secondary logo has depth and meaning. Fear not, each logo is subtle and unobtrusive on the product (except for some lids and tees). LFG offers two types of polos: The Ringer Performance Polo and the Soft Natural Performance Polo. Both are exceptional and come in a variety of striped and solid designs. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I was partial to the dialed-in feel of The Ringer. All of the LFG polos are buttery soft and have a modern (true to size) fit. They are perfect for those of us with a developing dad bod, without having to wear an oversized polo to hide our evolving body.

5-Pocket Pant

The Everyday Companion Performance 5-Pocket Canvas Pant is a game changer. The four-way stretch allows these slacks to go anywhere. Perfect for that cool weather round or anyplace else that requires you to wear pants. My normal size fit me perfectly. The “Groovy” stripes on the rear pockets give a retro feel to these modern performance trousers. They are so good your gal will want to replace her Jordache Jeans for ’em.

Who wore them best? Evan Harmerling of course…


Finally, Spring requires you to top it off with an appropriate layer for that early morning run or late day round. Live Forever Golf has you covered with their Sunrise Lightweight Performance Quarterzip and Golden Hour Performance Quarterzip Hoodie. If I may make a recommendation, size up and add the Dusty Rose 1/4 Zip and Heathered Black Hoodie to your closet. That’ll pretty much keep you covered for the journey that lies ahead.

Talking Points

LFG OG’s Matt Every and Scotty Riley have joined Aron Price on a wildly entertaining podcast, Straight Down the Middle-ish. They talk all things golf with guests ranging from GolfThreads pal, Billy Horschel, to 2022 Open Championship winner, Cameron Smith. It is an excellent mélange of humor and insight into the world of competitive golf.

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In addition to Every, Live Forever Golf has nine tour pros on staff. Tyson Alexander is the first to make it to the big leagues and happens to carry the title of the best looking in the LFG stable. When not on the course, Evan Harmeling writes a blog for the brand. He is intelligent, genuine, and thoughtful. A great read; Harmeling is the Kerouac of professional golf. In the spirit of LFG, he really let’s it fly.

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