TRUE Linkswear: TRUE-ly Deadly. TRUE Dat!

Every so often I become obsessed with a particular brand. Like, give me one of everything in my size, obsessed. Right now, I am all-in on TRUE Linkswear. They are truly awesome.

My computer and water bottle as I type this blog post…

I may not be a card-carrying member of Team TRUE (unless that’s an option), but my TRUE decals are becoming my calling card amongst my coworkers and local baristas. The Dead Golfer logo, in particular, elicits inquiries, compliments, and the head nod of fellow golfers and style enthusiasts who know “what’s up.”

Dead Golfer Apparel

I currently own one of each style of the Dead Golfer hats. My favorite version is the Ripstop Rope 5-Panel iteration. I prefer its slightly shorter crown. But as you can see, I have been wearing them all (from L to R: Canvas, Ripstop, Dad, Lux Tech).

The Dead Golfer logo isn’t limited to their amazing hats. You can also rep it on t-shirts, sweatpants, and beanies. In Aboriginal English, “deadly” means awesome or great. So, I guess we can say that TRUE is TRUE-ly deadly.

TRUE Future Staple-01

The real story for TRUE as we head into 2023 is their latest release. For this, TRUE went back to the future to develop a classically inspired sneaker silhouette with incognito tech under the hood. The FS-01 is their first Future Staples sneaker and will become a mainstay in the TRUE lineup as they continue their pursuit to elevate and innovate minimalist sneaker style.

Golf shoe? Sneaker? Both? Regardless, the TRUE FS-01 is aptly named as your “Future Staple.” Meant for all-day wear, the FS-01 gives you an eternally stylish, multipurpose shoe that allows you versatility in your closet. With a timeless, classic design and minimalist silhouette, these can be worn with pretty much everything; keeping you styled for any occasion.

From a comfort standpoint TRUE rolled out their new Ultra Plush Insole System which allows you to sit directly atop the midsole; forgoing the hardened, dead feel that a traditional lasting board and cement glue create. This new footbed provides unrivaled comfort, fit, and performance. Hands down, it is their most comfortable shoe yet while keeping with their roots. The FS-01 comes with a medium-wide toe box and minimal drop (6 mm) that we’ve come to know and love.

The Achilles Heel Pad was a game-changer for me. It plays a large part in making the FS-01 TRUE’s most stable shoe. The pad comfortably locked in my heel, allowing me to enjoy the walk. And as a bonus, the black pair (the one I went with and have been wearing nonstop) has the Dead Golfer logo on the Heel Pad tab. That’s pretty awesome, right?

Finally, this shoe is ultra-durable and eco-friendly. FS-01 is made of sustainable, genuine recycled leather product, that is water and scratch resistant.

TRUE All Day Pants

Recently, TRUE released a series of trousers that cover you from sunup to sundown. These technical pants provide all-day comfort regardless of your destination or activity. There is a style for everyone: 5-Pocket, Chino, and Joggers. Each comes with a 4-way stretch, are water resistant, breathable, and most importantly, comfortable! One thing that stood out to me when I wore their pants is the fabric has enough weight to be worn on a cold day (it is the dead of winter here in New England) but is also breathable enough to be worn in warmer weather too. They are perfect for all-season use. And just perfect, in general. Each style is offered in enough colors to have you covered from Monday – Friday (with a bonus colorway in the Chino’s).

All Day Chino & All Day 5-Pocket Pant

The All Day Chino and 5-Pocket are a modern take on classic menswear staples. These are dressy enough to wear to work and functional enough to go with you on whatever journey you are in the mood for. Both come in a 32″ inseam on all waist sizes. The Chinos have a “slim straight” cut and the 5-Pocket are “slim-tailored”. My favorite features are the reflective piping on the back cuff when rolled up, the cell phone pocket, and the elastic key loop above the left front pocket. I felt like it pimped my ride, so to speak.

All Day Jogger & All Day Hybrid Jogger

TRUE has taken joggers to a new level. These have all the benefits of athleisure joggers but with an elevated cotton-like appearance and hand-feel (they are actually 96% nylon and 4% spandex). There are two versions of these joggers. The All Day Jogger has a traditional tapered fit with a knit half-cuff that hits the ankle. If you desire the comfort and flexibility of a drawstring waistband jogger but prefer full-length pant styling at the bottom, then the All Day Hybrid Jogger is for you! As an added bonus, if you opt for the Hybrid version and want to let the ankles breathe, roll up the cuff and pimp the reflective piping. Now that is true-ly deadly. TRUE dat!


  1. I’m a HUGE fan of this brand. As a fellow New Englander, you should really jump on the True Lux Sport, currently on sale for $119. Very comfortable and waterproof vs. water “resistant.” A must have for spring and fall in New England. Could be for summer too if we get another 2021 instead of a repeat of 2022!

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