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In The Beginning…

You can never go back to the moment before you tried BOA.

I clearly remember the moment before I tried BOA, it was December 2015. I was at a launch event for Adidas’ new Tour360 BOOST shoe (side note, still one of my favorite golf shoes of all time). Now, I had seen BOA’s dial and ‘laces’ on other brands of golf shoes and always had a chuckle.

Why would golf shoes not have traditional laces? I’m a grown man. I know how to tie my shoes, thank you very much. Besides, how much time would I save in the locker room or the parking lot by turning a dial rather than tying my shoes? Mere seconds, I calculated!

To say I didn’t get it, was an understatement. But remember, this was the precise moment before I tried BOA. After slipping on the traditional laced model of the Tour360 BOOST, the BOA model was waiting for me. There was an open bar and nice spread of food waiting for me so my initial thought was, I’ll just skip over this gimmick. (However, I’m here for research I reminded myself). Skeptically, I slid my foot into the BOA model and turned the dial…

That “AHA” Moment!

If I was cartoon, a light bulb would have appeared above my head and fireworks would have been exploding in the background. With each turn of the dial, my heel moved down and back in the shoe to lock it in place. At the same time, the shoe began to wrap around the middle of my foot, while still allowing it to function in a dynamic way with every step and club-less practice swing I took. At that moment, I realized it wasn’t about knowing how to tie your shoes or saving a second or two. It was about the performance and fit.

The Future…

Since then, I’ve worn several brands and models of golf shoes with the BOA Fit System. Some with the dial on the tongue; some with the dial on the heel; others on the side. Of course, there were the Adidas kicks a couple of years ago with not one, but two dials on the lateral side (BOA and FJ expanded this idea even further for 2022–more on that later).

My friend, Chris Garrett, Director of Consumer Marketing for FootJoy likes to remind me, “when players move to a FootJoy shoe with the BOA closure system, they usually never return to traditional laced shoes.” Well count me among them and THEN SOME. Recently, I even upgraded my cycling shoes and snowboard boots to include versions with BOA. Talk about a game changer! And as a hockey dad, I envy future generations that hopefully will get to “dial-in” their kids skates…

Fit = Performance

While we would love to help every golfer hit 300+ yard drives, we find shoes have only a small effect on yardage. However, our testing shows that better fitting shoes can help a golfer to be more consistent in their drive distance and direction – which translates into more shots on the fairway and less time in the rough.

Dan Feeney, PhD. Director of Biomechanics Research & Performance Fit Lab, BOA Technology, Inc.

At BOA, golf shoes are seen more as pieces of equipment and less as fashion accessories. The fit of a golf shoe is just as important as the latest midsole foam, traction systems, and heel counters. BOA relies on a team of Biomechanics Engineers who work in the BOA Performance Fit Lab to research, test, and refine innovative approaches. This team is obsessed with the relationship between shoe fit and athlete performance and it shows in the new golf shoes with BOA for 2022!

FootJoy Tour Alpha BOA

This spring FootJoy launched its most stable and advanced golf shoe to date, the Tour Alpha BOA. Talk about technology! This performance shoe includes a BOA powered upper that wraps around the foot for a connected, secure fit designed for response, power, and accuracy with every swing. The L6 Dial provides micro-adjustability for a precise, customized fit to power through long rounds.

Internal studies conducted in the Performance Fit Lab indicate the connected, secure fit generated by wrapping the insole can meaningfully improve the power and precision of a golfer’s swing.

Dan Feeney, PhD.

In addition to the secure fit that the BOA system provides, the FJ Tour Alpha features the proprietary Optimized Performance Stabilizer system (OPS) that works to lock you in. I mean, we are talking next-level stability here! With an A-frame for lateral support, and 159 points of traction, you’ll have every advantage to swing away at full force in this super snug and stable shoe.

FootJoy Tour Alpha Dual BOA

In 2006 FootJoy and BOA developed the unique and exclusive heel mounted dial that creates the ultimate “down and back” fit. This year FootJoy is offering their first Dual BOA on the Tour Alpha. It takes the most technologically advanced golf shoe and provides an even greater personalized fit. While still offering the benefits of the L6 Dial on the heel and BOA powered WRAPID upper configuration, this model also offers a S2 Dial on the lateral part of the shoe for an even greater customized fit.

Adidas TOUR360 22 BOA

The Adidas TOUR360 22 BOA combines dialed-in fit with BIG-TIME comfort! BOA’s Li2 Dial has a sleek, low profile design that does not distract from the streamline aesthetic of the shoe. Best of all, this dial offers incremental tightening AND loosening capabilities. It powers the PeformFit Wrap and connects you to the BOOST midsole for a snug and cozy walk. Even though BOOST is soft and responsive this shoe doesn’t lack teeth! The SPIKEMORE traction outsole grips the turf for explosive action.

I have tested the Adidas TOUR360 22 with and without BOA. I found the BOA model to be more comfortable with its Geofit padded collar that runs from tongue to heel. The toe box was also slightly wider, which worked well for me.

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