Bald Head Blues Cart

Bald Head Blues: From the Course to the Coast

Cruisin’ into summer with Bald Head Blues.

OK, I am not afraid to admit it; I’ve been known to spend a few hours watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of HGTV’s “Island Life”. It’s awesome, by the way. A harmless escape. Especially for a middle-class New Englander like myself who dares to imagine what it must be like to experience life on an island. Although I desire nature’s abundance and a casual coastal lifestyle, I also do not want to live like Gilligan or, god forbid, Tom Hanks in Castaway. I want comfort. I want luxury. Alas, as a high school guidance counselor and golf fashion blogger, a luxurious island existence is not in the budget. Or is it?

Bald Head Blues Cart

Enter Claude Pope III and his gang at Bald Head Blues; they have found a way to share their unique island experience through apparel. Bald Head Island is on the coast of North Carolina and its uniqueness lies in the “golf cart only” transportation system. This tradition inspired the brand’s logo and it quickly became one of my favorite golf apparel logos when I noticed Joel Dahmel wearing it at the Zurich Classic. (For the record, I can find room in my closet for any apparel that successfully merges golf and beach culture.)

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When I spoke to Claude Pope III, he painted a picture of Bald Head Island; no cars and people literally get around via golf carts with their beach gear strapped to the top with bungee-cords. His logo and brand tell the Bald Head Island story. Wearing Bald Head Blues apparel gives us an opportunity to transport ourselves to an Island Life where golf carts and surfboards are the norms. Sounds like the Island Life I’ve been imagining…

Clothing for Coasting

Bald Head Blues is a preppy coastal beach and golf brand that will appeal to a conservative golfer who appreciates fine quality (seriously, some of the most well-crafted shirts I have ever owned) and detail (the gingham on the inner neckline and side slit of the hem adds a bit of flair and a pop of color). Their apparel is casual, colorful and classic. Nothing flashy or too trendy, BHB is traditional in both design and fit. The material is soft. Really freaking soft!

The Albatross Polo (above left) is a polyester jersey knit performance golf polo perfect for the course or an evening out on the town. If you prefer a cotton blend, you won’t find a softer mix (92% Pima cotton and 8% spandex) than with the Ace Polo (above right).

Coastal Linen Snapback

Bald Head Blues Linen Hat

The Coastal Linen Snapback is the hat that started a GolfThreads revolution (well maybe not a revolution, but I really love it). No doubt, this should be the go-to cap for all your casual summer needs. Wear this lid, or any Bald Head Blues gear (their tee-shirts are pretty righteous, too), and you will not only look ready for a casting call on HGTV’s “Island Life” but you’ll also experience just a touch of Island Life–I promise. What is better than that?

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