JT makes a Run For The Hills, Joaco comes back in a big way, Shrek gives us a lesson in marine biology, and more. Tour Editor, Michael goes stargazing and dreams of oversized palm trees in his future as he recaps the best and worst fits at the second round of the 2022 PGA Championship.

Fashion Dimes

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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There is only one choice to kick off DIMES, and that is Justin Thomas. Not only did he have, arguably, the most impressive round of the day, given the conditions. JT wore the best polo of the tournament so far. The tonal blues of the Greyson’s Run For The Hills Polo bring out the highs and lows of the landscape as a nod to what gave Southern Hills its name. The wild horses and wolf-inspired motifs capture the defiant spirit of this track. The final piece is the iconic clock tower peaking over the rolling hills, adding an element of tradition to this singular print. If you want this shirt pre-order NOW.

Wyatt Worthington (Eastside Golf)

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Wyatt Worthington beautifully epitomized the merging of lifestyle and golf apparel that has grown in the sport. Pairing the Eastside Golf x Air Jordan IV with the Follow Through Polo and Greyson’s Rumson Jogger made for Dime-worthy look. In fact, take a second look at the Rumson Jogger. They have a tuxedo stripe on the side seam and camo lined pockets that are worth a closer inspection. Something tells me a lot of people will be buying these bottoms (we get no commission and have no financial investment, we just like what we like).

Patton Kizzire (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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This is a simple kit that played exceptionally well. The pistachio-colored trousers popped against the crisp white polo and FootJoy Premiere Packard shoes. A classic brown leather belt with bronze buckle and detailing was a nice addition too.

Louis Oosthuizen (Scales Gear & FootJoy)

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Did you know that one of the many benefits of scales on a fish is to act as camouflage? Check out this Scales Gear Camo Polo. It literally has an all-over fish scale camo print! I love it!!

Joaquin Niemann (adidas Golf)

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Joaco came back in a big way after his fashion faux pas on Thursday. Can you picture how a white belt would ruin this kit? A black belt doesn’t distract from the Jacquard Polo (made from 100% recycled materials) and the Tee Time rope-hat.

Sam Burns (TravisMathew & Cuater)

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As soon as I received the TravisMathew scripting the oversized palm print on the Finally Here Polo caught my eye as a future must-have. I will keep you posted when it drops.

Erik van Rooyen (Greyson Clothiers & Ecco)

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Look closely at EVR’s polo and it will remind you of looking up at the sky on a clear night.

Rich Beem (G/FORE)

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You don’t need to look closely or be a stargazer to appreciate the beauty in Rich Beem’s G/FORE Constellation Polo.

Fashion Crimes

Hideki Matsuyama

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Matching his belt to his slacks would go a long way in cleaning this up.

Viktor Hovland

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Let me say this, I love J.Lindeberg and I love Viktor Hovland. However, they are a poor match. I cannot put my finger on it, but there is something awkward about Viktor in JL. Maybe footwear other than Nike would help? Sometimes I feel like the swoosh and bridge are too much together. I don’t know….

John Daly

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Is that a McDonald’s cup in his cart and a cigarette in hand?! Again, just not my vibe…


  1. Have always thought that if Viktor had a more classic looking shoe and tailored the bottom of his pants better that he would be one of the best dressed, but those two things are hard to look past. Also doesn’t help that some of the Ping hats are…interesting.

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