RHOBACK: Crave Activity

The Inspiration

The tagline, “Crave Activity,” personifies the Rhoback mission of creating shirts that transition seamlessly from one pastime to the next. The brand’s inspiration is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, an adventurous dog bred in Africa to hunt lions. Like the Rhoback consumer, the Ridgeback perpetually craves activity and is always ready for the next experience life has to offer.

The Logo Associations

The human psyche naturally makes associations; a faithful companion and reliable protector, a dog symbolizes bravery, loyalty, honesty, and joy. Inasmuch, the unmistakable dog silhouette on the left chest will appeal to someone who values those qualities that we attribute to mans best friend. I love the primary Rhoback logo, but the Rhoback Ridge (the vertical stripe on the back of the tops) is my favorite style feature on their apparel. The secondary logo not only looks really freaking cool and accentuates height, but vertical stripes also have a positive connotation and represent strength, vitality, growth, life energy, and potency.

Polo Impressions

Enough of my psychobabble and rambling about subjective associations….my takeaways on wearing the Rhoback polos for the first time:

*Best self-collar I have encountered. Period. Feel free to read that one again.

*Extra-extra buttery-soft performance fabric (92% polyester 8% spandex) that doesn’t look like your classic polyester “golf shirt”.

*Fits true to size. When I used their sizing guide I decided to size down to a Medium (6′ 195 lb.) but found the Large fit me best–not too snug, not too big (disclosure, I prefer my shirts on the smaller side).

*Preppy versatility. I would wear these shirts on the golf course, out to dinner, or grilling in the backyard with a beer in hand.

Q-Zips & Performance Hoodies

Rhoback Q-Zips and Hoodies are every bit as impressive as their polo counterparts. Soft as a baby’s bottom and with a four-way stretch, don’t expect this quarter-zip to constrict any type of swing, throw, or handshake. The Rhoback pullover is designed to keep you warm and looking good.

It is springtime in New England and my Rhoback pullovers have become my go-to layering option. Soft, soft, soft…..they feel great against my skin! However, the best part of wearing Rhoback? Not only does Rhoback feel great, wearing Rhoback makes me feel great. The power of positivity. Right on!


  1. Michael, Thank you for the article on Rhoback. If you had to choose a shirt would you go with Rhoback or Holderness and Bourne?

    1. Hi Sammy, thanks for reading! Both are offer incredibly high quality apparel but if I had to choose one, it’d be Rhoback. Roback fits me slightly better and I am a sucker for their logo and branding.

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