Masters Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 3

Sheesh! It was a rough one out there. High winds, cool temps, and A LOT of questionable fashion choices. I’m regretting my words after round one when I noted there weren’t many Fashion Crimes and that, “Most brands and stylists are able to get their players to match a shirt to a pair of trousers these days.”

Nonetheless, we cobbled together some Dimes & Crimes, even though some of the Dimes might be closer to Nickels that were graded on a curve. Here’s to hoping the final round provides some style sizzle.

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Fashion Dimes

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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An uncooperative driver led to a disappointing scorecard for JT, but he certainly didn’t disappoint in the sartorial department. For the second straight day, Thomas was the best-dressed player on the course. Greyson’s Blossom Pink Cashmere sweater and Garter Green trousers were the perfect combo for a brisk Masters Saturday. Even when he need an extra layer of warmth with the Yukon Hybrid Jacket, the Moonstruck colorway proved to be a smart complement to the green pants. Extra points for the green accents on the custom FootJoy Tarlows, even though they may not have totally synced with the pants.

Cameron Smith (Original Penguin & FootJoy)

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One of the more disturbing trends from this year’s Masters is the plethora of khaki pants. Cam made these work for him thanks to an exceptional fit and tailoring. Of course, the tortoiseshell accents on the FJ x GLCO Packards were the perfect footwear choice. (I’m a huge stan for the shoes in this collab if you couldn’t tell.) Given Saturday was a day for layering, this retro track-style jacket was the best piece of the fit as it worked well with Cam’s Starsky & Hutch vibe.

Rory McIlroy (Nike)

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Bounce-Back of the Day Award goes to Rory, who also quietly climbed the leaderboard on Saturday. After Michael said Rors looked like, “a middle schooler waiting for the school bus” during the second round, McIlroy put his big-boy clothes on for round three and nailed the perfect balance of pop and contrast between the jacket and pants.

Danny Willett (Descente & Nike)

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A hoodie and insulated vest is my go-to layering strategy for California winters. This combo provides the versatility you need, especially when the weather is unpredictable. Take the vest off and just wear the hoodie as temps jump. If conditions continue to warm, remove the hoodie and wear the vest over a polo.

Corey Conners (Levelwear & FootJoy)

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The smallest pop of color goes a long way on dreary days. Although muted, the Green Tea color of the Harris Pullover was just enough to inject some energy into Conners’ look.

Will Zalatoris (FootJoy)

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Of course, if you do go with a grey monochromatic fit, add a bit of texture to the top or bottom as Will Z did with the heather print on his full-zip.

Lee Westwood (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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Most hybrid jackets are either solid in color or may have contrasting sleeves. The bright color blocking and contrasting zipper on Westwood’s jacket elevate the entire look.

Marc Leishman (Kjus & Callaway Footwear)

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Then again, simply wearing a vibrant pullover or sweater under a neutral vest will add a much-needed pop of color.

Dustin Johnson & Collin Morikawa (Adidas Golf)

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Yesterday, Michael highlighted the breadth of Adidas’ layering range. The brand’s Go-To Crewneck has lived up to its name the last few days. Since DJ and Morikawa decided to play team golf today and go twinsies, I had to drop a Dime on both of them. Although, I give Morikawa the edge as the blue hat is more interesting.

Btw, I try to avoid social media golf fashion discussions during majors because I don’t want the daily Dimes & Crimes to be influenced in any way. But, I couldn’t help to see that some people took issue with DJ and Morikawa wearing neckwarmers because it wasn’t cold enough, but I’m not here to judge a Tour player’s cold threshold. I think the neckwarmer can be a stylish and functional accessory on a cold day (however you define cold) and I’m glad we are reaching a point when they are back to keeping necks warmer rather than providing protection against COVID.

Fashion Crimes

Tony Finau

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I’m at a loss for words. In what world does chocolate brown and neon pink pair well together? Every day seems to get worse for Tony. He is cruising to a Worst-Dressed Award for the week.

Charl Schwartzel

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Charl’s face says it all. Double pleats and wide, cuffed pants. Just because it is from the ’90s doesn’t mean it should come back! I know ’90s retro is ‘in’, but having lived through the fashion horrors of that decade, I can attest that some things should not emerge from the style time capsule.

Besides, if Schwartzel is trying to channel some Keith Mitchell vibes, he’s coming up woefully short. The big difference between Mitchell’s and Schwartzel’s fits is Mitchell wears a single pleat and has a narrower leg. Of course, the black and tan paired with the white base layer isn’t doing Charl any favors, either.

Hideki Matsuyama

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It wouldn’t be a Major Championship if Hideki didn’t make a Fashion Crimes appearance. This fit wasn’t terrible until Hideki decided to throw a patterned vest over a camo pullover. I get it; it’s cold. I would have worn the vest over the polo and the pullover over the vest to avoid the dreaded pattern-on-a-pattern scenario.


  1. 1. Whats wrong with khaki pants??? and 2. Tony’s fit was nice. Looked retro and Tony pulled it off real well.

    1. Thanks for reading and for the comments!

      1. Nothing wrong with khaki pants in general. About 15-20 years ago, they symbolized everything that was wrong with men’s fashion. They were boring, baggy, and the de facto business casual choice for most guys. Khakis became a running joke in golf fashion the same way plaid pants were in ’70s golf fashion. Over the past several years, khakis mostly disappeared from the fairways. I saw more this week than any other week. My comment was made a little tongue-in-cheek. Sorry for not articulating that better.

      2. We can respectfully agree to disagree on Tony’s fit. That is the great part of fashion–it is subjective. I liked the retro design and style of the top. Definitely a nice break from the typical golf 1/4-zip pullover. The color combo is rough, though, in my opinion. I’d love to see it in other colorways. I know some people liked it, but I haven’t heard a good explanation as to how brown and hot pink work together. It isn’t a retro colorway. Can you help me with this?

  2. Tony looked like barf. This was easily the worst of his three shirts. He has to be trying to get attention for worst clothes. Its not retro good, its retro awful only barely beating Charl’s pants

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