Macklemore and Bogey Boys

Macklemore is fairly new to the game of golf having just begun his journey in 2018. With regular practice and playing 3-4 times per week, he has brought his handicap down to an eleven. A few weeks back he partnered with Alfonso Ribeiro and won the 2021 AT&T Pebble Beach Celebrity Shootout. Not bad for less than three years in the game!

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Macklemore gushes about the game of golf. He says he loves everything about the sport. Except for the exclusivity…

Golf has always had a white, rich, elite, good old boys vibe. This excludes people. I judged the game of golf because of that stigma.


His passion for the sport motivated Macklemore to use his celebrity status as a platform to help draw people to the game of golf.

The Players Button Up

Even before he picked up a club he loved the classic style of golf from the 1960s, ’70s, & ’80s. “Guys like Hogan, Trevino, and Stewart; they had style!”

Why are there so few brands, companies or players currently pushing the style envelope!? You walk into a pro shop and your options are basic to bleak. I literally feel like I’m rummaging through my step dad’s closet (and I don’t even have a step dad). Everything looks the same, from the cuts to colors to patterns. It seems like most people on the apparel side are working from the same template.”

Macklemore saw an opportunity to combine his passion for golf and style to help grow the game. The result was Bogey Boys; an apparel project he hopes will create a sense of community amongst those that do not feel included in the game he loves.

The Grammy award-winning rapper searched thrift shops, eBay, and Etsy to look for examples of the textures, draping, and inspirations he wanted for Bogey Boys. He spent two years trying to break the “template.” Like his music, this was a creative outlet.

I want my pants to show just enough sock, my shirts to pop in the right way and my jacket to hang right. In a round that usually promises multiple bogeys, doubles and even triples, I want to look down and be reminded that although I may be trash at the sport, nobody is going to out dress me. It’s confidence.

The culmination of this journey is an inclusive lifestyle brand that will help break down the “stuffy” country-club image of golf. Bogey Boys has provided an exciting and unique alternative to the “golf uniform.”

In addition to the aforementioned vintage vibe, there is a hipster feel to the brand. I received an advanced copy of the Bogey Boys lookbook and my first impression was that it reminded me of a preview of an old Starsky & Hutch episode.

Macklemore wants to push the boundaries of golf fashion while paying respect to the game’s rich history.

The Links Collection is a head-to-toe classic green tartan plaid kit that caught my eye. Macklemore’s inspiration was a chance meeting with a “weathered and charming” tailor from a quaint Scottish village. He asked the shop owner to make him something that would stand the test of time. He was presented with this pattern and told, “this my friend, is the classic.”

Macklemore said he hopes to create thoughtful and genuine golf apparel that can be worn on and off the course. And leave an impression.

Bogey Boys launched their apparel and golf accessory collection on February 24 and can be purchased at


  1. Yikes! Head to toe tartan? Give me the William Murray tartan pants with the soon-to-be-released navy or grey polo with the matching tartan collar and cuffs. Even that may be too much tartan for one look. But here’s the key question, would Poults wear this? I think not.

    The light blue sweater looks promising though.

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