Jordan Spieth’s New Under Armour Shoes (Updated)

This is a great time of the year as we get an initial glimpse at which PGA Tour players have switched apparel, shoes, equipment, etc. for 2014.

20140104-075532.jpgSEE ALSO: Jordan Spieth’s Under Armour Shoes Have Arrived: In-Hand Pics

While this has been a relatively quiet off-season for top players making apparel and footwear switches, one that caught my eye while watching the Hyundai Tournament of Champions Pro-Am coverage from Kapalua on Thursday night was Jordan Spieth’s new Under Armour kicks.

Not much is known about these shoes right now and if you are hoping to slip your feet into Under Armour’s first golf shoe, it appears you’ll need to wait until 2015. (See GolfThreads’ Twitter conversation with Under Armour below).


Jordan Spieth posted a close up (below) of the prototype Under Armour shoe to his Instagram account. It appears that the upper uses Under Armour’s UA Storm technology for waterproofing and features a firm outsole with nine spikes.

(Image via Jordan Spieth's Instagram account: @jordanspieth)
(Image via Jordan Spieth’s Instagram account: @jordanspieth)

Update (March 26, 2015)

The wait for Jordan Spieth’s Under Armour shoe appears to be coming to an end. Under Armour announced on Twitter that they are indeed coming soon.

You can sign up for release updates at .


While the design of the outsole seems to have remained the same (hard sole with a 9-cleat traction system), the upper appears to have undergone some serious design changes over the last year. Most notably, laser perforations have been added to the upper, presumably for ventilation. Also, a prominent external heel counter has been incorporated into the design. From a branding standpoint, the UA logo has been moved to the outside of the external heel counter and a larger version of the logo has been added to the instep.

Update (April 7, 2015)

Jordan Spieth’s Under Armour shoe is now available. It is called the Limited Edition Drive One, and quantities are indeed limited. The white/grey and white/black colorways are not available at the time of this post, and the black/white colorway is only available in a few sizes. Here’s a link to the Under Armour site if you’d like to try your luck.

In the meantime, GolfThreads has received a pair and I’ve already taken them for a spin. Here are a few in-hand pics. More are posted at Jordan Spieth’s Under Armour Shoes Have Arrived: In-Hand Pics.





  1. I started playing golf again this year after a 12 year hiatus so naturally I starting watching it again. While watching Spieth at the Players today I noticed his shoes. I am eagerly awaiting their release.

  2. Why so long to delve into golf shoes UA? I am like a kid awaiting Christmas. Please be economically conscious. Thanks

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the message. I checked again with the folks at Under Armour and a release date hasn’t been set. More and more it is looking like a 2015 release.


  3. I play for a college golf team and we have just tried them on and they are available to all college teams that are Under Armour schools. We will be receiving them in the next few days and our Under Armour “guy” says they will be available in retail stores on Masters Thursday. Also, according to our “guy”, they will be retailing for around $170

  4. I was looking into buying some new golf shoe and thinking about the under amour shoe, but I looks like I might be going with one one the BIG three, Nike, Adidas or Footjoy. Since under amour has dropped the ball in the Delevery of thier golf shoe. If I was Jordon I would have signed with one of the big three. They how to put out a product.

  5. Under armour dropped the ball big time. Now I just bought three pairs of FJ footjoy hyperflex. You lost my buisness this year UA and I will now stick with FJ. eBay has some shoes for sale. Ridiculous price. I hope more people boycott UA because they did not live up to a release date with shoes to purchase. They will have to pay me to wear them……
    Done buying anything that says UA. Eat that UA.

  6. Just spoke with under armour today, shoes not coming out until spring of 2016. They dropped the ball big time on this one, Hope they didn’t miss the boat.

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