Outfit of the Week: Howl If You Hear Me

After a few post-quarantine rounds to knock a thick coat of rust off the game, now is the time to pump up the volume. This energetic and vibrant look with pieces from Greyson Clothiers is sure to shake off that sheltering in place malaise and kick your golf game into high gear.

The wolf is not only Greyson’s logo but also a spiritual symbol for the brand. Wolves’ howls can be heard up to six miles away and are used to send long-distance messages.

Much like a wolf’s howl, this outfit will certainly send a message to the players in your group. It is designed for the guy who isn’t afraid to go low but still appreciates a setup with a high level of sophistication. For those teeing it up in a club championship this summer, this is the fit you want to grab for moving day round.

The Fit

Polo: Greyson Koda // Pants: Greyson Montauk // Shoes: ECCO S-THREE // Belt: Bonobos Clubhouse Stretch // Glove: Asher Golf Premium Collection // Hat: Jones Athletic Utility Snapback

Greyson Koda Polo (Rush)

Greyson is leading the pack with a range of prints that is eye-catching, stylish, and sophisticated. Whether big and bold or understated and intricate, Greyson has a print for every type of golfer.

The small, deco design on the Koda Polo falls into the latter category. The tonal nature of the print makes it easy for every guy to wear. At a distance, it wears like a solid. At closer range, the diamond pattern combined with a sateen finish gives it a scaley texture.

While the print on the Koda Polo may be understated, the purple colorway (called Rush) makes a strong statement. Many fashion colors find homes in either spring/summer or fall/winter seasons, but this Rush colorway will be in your rotation year-round. For an added punch, the Koi accent on the inner collar creates a striking contrast and syncs with the Montauk trousers in this fit.

Greyson Montauk Trouser (Koi)

Greyson’s Koi colorway will add a bit of life to the monotony that is your collection of golf pants. It is one of the most interesting and descriptive colors on the fairways this season. The orange hue has some pink undertones. At times it takes on the qualities of a fluorescent. Other times it feels muted and dusty. One thing is for sure, it captures the orange hue of the colorful carp for which it is named.

From a technical standpoint, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better performing pant than Greyson’s Montauk. Falling into the ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ category, the Montauk has been the pant in the brand’s collection since the beginning.

Other golf pants boast 4-way stretch, but the Montauk takes flexibility to another level with an 8-way stretch fabric that is also moisture-wicking, quick-dry, antimicrobial, and offers UV-A and UV-B protection. The Montauk is finished with perforated pockets done in a camo print and a metal rivet on the back pocket with the Greyson wolf logo.

ECCO Golf S-THREE Shoes (White)

Every year, ECCO cranks out golf shoes that are more and more comfortable. Such is the case with the new S-THREE. Quite simply, this is the most comfortable golf shoe ECCO has created. In the Outfit of the Week post from a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the three different zones in the midsole highlighted by color variations from the heel to the toe. Each of the zones delivers comfort, stability, or flexibility where it is needed most.

Over the years, ECCO has used a variety of outsole and traction systems on its Tour-level shoes. With the S-THREE, the Danish brand has returned to an old favorite—the ECCO Dynamic Traction System (E-DTS). The outsole features 100 traction bars and 800 traction angles. Putting all the tech talk aside, I’ve worn the S-THREE in a variety of conditions over the last month with zero slippage.

Bonobos Clubhouse Stretch Belt (Navy)

Not only are woven belts on-trend, but they are also the way to go for warmer summer months. The poly blend on the Clubhouse Stretch Belt offers a lighter look and feel. The added stretch helps the belt move with you during the swing, especially after that cheeseburger at the turn.

Asher Premium Collection Glove (Nimbus)

Asher is known for bringing style to the game with colorful gloves, but this outfit has plenty of color on its own. For that reason, a less is more approach is better when it comes to accessories. This neutral Nimbus colorway shows a softer side to Asher’s Spring Collection. In this outfit, it helps to balance the entire look while allowing the focus to fall on the colorful polo and trousers.

Jones Athletic Utility Snapback (White)

June has arrived and the summer’s heat and humidity aren’t far behind. Now is the time to transition to a performance cap. The technical fabric on Jones’ Athletic Utility Snapback helps to combat the heat with breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. Plus, you can’t beat the clean looks.

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