Fifty Shades of Green

While attending the PGA Merchandise Show last month in Orlando, my colleagues thought perhaps I was noticing so many green-colored products because my eyes are green. That may be partially true, but in addition to the prevalent use of green in upcoming golf fashion collections, all of the inventive names for shades of the color also caught my attention. Allow me to elaborate.

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Sage Green Infinity Short

Puma Golf

Thyme Green & Grey Camo Polo                 

Ralph Lauren

Lime Green Color Pop Polo

Greyson Clothiers

Vine Green Cashmere Sweater and Pelican Green Short, Polo and Accents

                        (Note: See how well they all go with blue?)

Royal Albartross

Sea Green Driver 63 Shoe

Foray Golf

Fern Green Tonal Camo Bomber Jacket

(*Personal Fave)

Adidas Golf

Signal Green Code Chaos Shoe


Dark Olive Utility Rover Golf Bag & Duffle in Golf & Field Collection


Osprey Green Hybrid Print Short


Intensive Green Women’s Ladina Puffer Coat & Treggings; Dark Jet Green Men’s Release Vest


Emerald Bay Collection & Sprout Green Accents


Forest Green Jetsetter Bag


Pine Green Daytona Golf Bag & Camo Green Knit MG4 Shoe


Aloe Vera Green Limited Edition Sweatshirt

Now you can understand my revitalized attraction to green. It has always been a favored color in golf fashion – I’m sure it has everything to do with being outdoors in a predominately green environment.

The psychology and symbolism of green include associations with growth, harmony, safety, nature, energy, renewal, environment – it’s also the most restful color for the human eye. (Then why hasn’t my reading of greens improved? Hmm).

The elevated use of different greens is making it a popular color this year in golf apparel and accessories. So, whatever your skin tone, style preference or personal attraction is to green, we think it’s a perfect way to see 2020.

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  1. Excellent write up. Emerald is my favorite green since its a jewel tone but I like the earthy darker greens for fall as well.

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