Fall Favorite: adidas Frostguard Insulated Jacket

adidas Frostguard vs. Jack Frost

Jack Frost is the personification of winter’s freezing cold weather. In most parts of the country, the winter season means our golf clubs are nestled away in a corner of the basement. Snow Miser may keep us from golfing with his ability to cover our local course with snow and ice. Jack Frost and his frigid temperatures? Pfft…adidas Golf has that covered. They have brought the heat with their Frostguard collection!

adidas frostguard dustin johnson

adidas Frostguard Insulated Jacket

Adidas Golf created their new Frostguard layering collection to help extend the golf season. In other words, golf-specific outerwear that provides warmth, comfort, and playability during the colder months of the year.

The Frostguard Insulated Jacket is the signature item from this collection. What makes this hybrid coat stand out is the lightweight warmth and unrestricted range of motion. They attached the quilted down-filled front and back using flexible, recycled polyester side panels and sleeves that allow you to swing your clubs as freely as if you were wearing your favorite polo shirt.

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This jacket has soft fleece-lined side panels and sleeves that keep the jacket quiet throughout the swing. In addition to providing quiet comfort, this jacket is also water and wind-resistant.

En Fuego!

adidas frostguard michael swing

I tested this jacket on a brisk New England fall afternoon. My round ended close to sundown as the temperatures were falling faster than the leaves from the trees.

adidas frostguard michael front

I am 6’1″ and 195 lbs. Typically, I size down to a medium in adidas. Thankfully, I stuck with this strategy and went with a medium in the Frostguard Insulated Jacket. It fit me perfectly. Some of the photos on the adidas Golf website made the jacket seem a bit too big on the models. I found that the jacket was slimmer fitting and layered perfectly over a long sleeve polo without restricting my swing whatsoever.

adidas frostguard michael back

I was plenty warm throughout my round (low temperatures were in the mid-forties). The jacket was lightweight and not at all bulky for a puffer. I ended up keeping it on for all of my cold-weather weekend activities. In addition to the course, it kept me warm and looking good at the ice rink for my son’s hockey game, as well as while I was enjoying a pilsner at an outdoor Biergarten!

So, look out Mr. Jack Frost, adidas Frostguard is en Fuego!


  1. Ruuska, the pics of you were way better in comparison to DJ because it shows how it fits in real time. I am going to pick one myself!

  2. Thanks, Jim. I give all the credit to my 12 year old photographer for making me look better than usual. The jacket on the other hand, is legit. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. How would you compare this jacket to similar ones from KJUS, Greyson and JL? I usually wear 3-4 layers starting with compression, golf polo and mid layer or windproof merino wool sweater. I would love to shed some of these layers for protection on those really cold fall mornings in the New York City area.

    1. Good question. You can’t go wrong with any of those. The Adidas Frostguard is insulated on the front and the back with down so it is warmer than the others. I’d recommend it for cold days. I prefer the fit of the the Kjus, Greyson and JL. Adidas also makes a Frostguard Vest that would layer nicely over your merino sweater. Hope this helps.

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