Greyson Clothier’s Stylish Apparel Scripts for The Northern Trust

Greyson brings the ‘wow factor’ to Liberty National with new looks from its Fall Collection for Cameron Tringale, Sam Ryder, Kelly Kraft, and Carlos Ortiz.

In the immortal words of former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach, Jim Mora, “Playoffs?!? We’re talkin’ ’bout playoffs?!?”

That’s right, Jim. Not only are we talking about the FedEx Cup Playoffs, but we also have a preview of what the members of the Greyson Clothiers wolfpack will be wearing when they tee it up at The Northern Trust this week.

With the PGA Tour Playoff format moving from four weeks to three, this year certainly feels more like a sprint than a marathon to the $15 million top prize. That being said, the Greyson guys will hit the ground running at Liberty National in fresh looks from the brand’s Fall Collection.

You may remember Greyson’s Fall Collection captured a GolfThreads Style Award at the PGA Show in January. We’ve patiently waited six long months for the collection to hit retail and it has finally arrived with a mix of subtle and bold prints in rich, saturated hues for the season. Erik van Rooyen gave us a taste of the stylish fits at The Open Championship last month and now this week, we get an expanded look at many of the key pieces in the collection.

We can only hope Cameron Tringale (#95 in the FedEx Cup Standings), Sam Ryder (#98), Kelly Kraft (#118), and Carlos Ortiz (#122) can channel the ‘Look good. Feel good. Play great.’ mentality this week and make a run to the top 70 in points because we can’t wait to see what they would break out next week at Medinah.

Here’s a sneak peek at what they will be wearing at Liberty National.

Cameron Tringale


Cameron Tringale has always been one of the best-dressed players on Tour and has taken his style to another level since slipping on Greyson’s threads. Mural prints have been a strong trend on the runaways. Greyson is one of the few golf brands that has brought them to the fairways in the form of the Magic Emporium Polo that Tringale will wear on Sunday. It is truly a work of art as it shows the wolf in its natural habitat. The Arctic White colorway of this polo was one of our favorites this past Spring. Dare we say the new Twilight colorway for Fall is even better.

Thursday: Ravensfoot Polo (Lark) and Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Friday: Omaha Polo (Arctic) and Montauk Trouser (Sage)
Saturday: Bluetooth Polo (Arctic) and Montauk Trouser (Eel)
Sunday: Magic Emporium Polo (Twilight) and Montauk Trouser (Skate)

Sam Ryder


Picking a favorite among these four scripts is no easy task, but let’s just say I would be stoked to have Sam Ryder’s outfits for my club championship. I’m sure the joggers would ruffle a few feathers with the elder statesmen in the club, too.

Thursday’s Bluetooth Polo features a horizontal print of wolves teeth with a modern button-down collar and a four-button English placket. On Friday, Ryder looks to go medieval on the competition in the Knight Fall Polo with a pattern of crossed swords. Saturday’s Den of Thieves Polo serves as a reminder that wolves can be deceptive. At a distance, the pattern takes on a paisley look, but up close it reveals a pack of hidden wolves. Ryder showcases another favorite on Sunday with the Snakefloral Polo. The beautiful floral pattern possesses a sinister edge as serpents slither among the petals.

Thursday: Bluetooth Polo (Dart) and Montauk Trouser (Maltese)
Friday: Knight Fall Polo (Arctic) and Rumson Jogger (Maltese)
Saturday: Den of Thieves Polo (Arctic) and Montauk Trouser (Eel)
Sunday: Snakefloral Polo (Shepherd) and Montauk Jogger (Shepherd)

Kelly Kraft


One of the things I like about Greyson is that it can be whatever you want it to be. You can dial up a bold and creative look with daring prints one day and then go a more traditional route the next day. Kelly Kraft’s script highlights this with a nice balance of eye-catching prints and modern takes on classic designs. Plus, the soft pinks are perfect for transitioning from late Summer into early Fall.

Thursday: G.O.A.T. Polo (Blush) and Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Friday: Peaks and Valleys Polo (Peonie) and Montauk Trouser (Maltese)
Saturday: Saranac Polo (Lark) and Montauk Trouser (Arctic)
Sunday: Cayuse Polo (Peonie) and Ghostwolf Trouser (Twilight)

Carlos Ortiz


As much as I’m drawn to Greyson’s fun and sophisticated prints, the more traditional stripes and solids have become the foundation of my golf wardrobe. The Saranac, which Ortiz will sport on Saturday, puts a contemporary spin on the timeless feed stripe polo. The contrasting inner placket and collar band add splashes of color and interest. For those looking to dip their toes in the world of prints and patterns without jumping headfirst into the deep end, the Peaks and Valleys Polo is a good place to start. The tonal print wears like a solid at a distance but still has a bit of personality. Also, check out the new five-pocket pant on Saturday. It can easily move from the fairways of Liberty National to the streets of New York.

Thursday: Peaks and Valleys Polo (Lark) and Montauk Trouser (Raven)
Friday: Ravensfoot Polo (Abyss) and Montauk Trouser (Arctic)
Saturday: Saranac Polo (Dart) and Amagansett Trouser (Maltese)
Sunday: Massasaga Polo (Arctic) and Montauk Trouser (Maltese)

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