Floral Up: Tropical-Inspired Golf Shirts

No men’s apparel item is more synonymous with the laid-back and carefree vibe of summer than the Hawaiian Aloha shirt. After World War II celebrity icons such as Elvis Presley, John Wayne, and Frank Sinatra (not to mention President Harry Truman) made these shirts the hottest men’s fashion trend in America. Prior to the 1950s men’s clothing was simple, monotonous, and set in its ways. Hawaiian Aloha shirts introduced a flair to men’s fashion that was no longer reserved for the rebels or the feminine. In a postwar era, it also symbolized freedom and relaxation, as well as a (summer) break from the sartorial norm.

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In the 1980s Tom Selleck wore Aloha shirts in Magnum P.I. as a display of his vivacious yet masculine television character, Thomas Magnum.

We all strive to be free and relaxed on the course. So, “floral up” and channel your inner Thomas Magnum–or Bill Murray–with one of these tropical-inspired golf shirts.


Is it any surprise that TravisMathew currently offers eight different all-over tropical print golf polos? One of which happens to be named “Magnum”!  Typical TravisMathew styling that screams Southern California Cool.  In fact, if you wear one of these shirts out on the town and don’t have a good time? Then hate the playa because it isn’t your shirt game.

Puma Golf

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Rickie Fowler actually wore a Hawaiian Aloha shirt during the first round of the 2018 Sentry Tournament of Champions. Since then we’ve seen Puma Golf embrace the island-life by releasing their “Play Loose Collection,” which brings a true Aloha feel to the golf course.  One look at these shirts and you can tell how thoughtful Puma was in trying to replicate a golf version of the traditional Hawaiian Aloha shirt.  Side note, I’ve played a round in this button-down and it is righteous.  Hang loose, indeed.

William Murray Golf

This was my first experience wearing William Murray Golf.  I LOVE IT!  At first, I wasn’t sure it was my “style.” After seeing it in person and wearing it around, I am sold.  In fact, I haven’t been this excited about a golf apparel brand in quite some time.  If you don’t take yourself too seriously, like to have fun, and prefer to stand out with your clothing (without looking tacky), then this is your brand!  The fit, material and DETAILS are what made these shirts an instant favorite.  The Palmer Polo replaced the coconuts on the trees with golf balls and has wedges scattered throughout the design.  Both shirts also come in a button-down version as well.  It was almost as if William Murray Golf apparel had some type of mystical power to make me feel more relaxed and at peace with my horrible golf game.  So be it.


Rosebud Polo

Perhaps the most beautiful of all the floral shirts that I had an opportunity to review.  The G/FORE Rosebud Polo was very slim fitting (although had I sized up it would have lost its effect).  This polo was almost too nice for me to wear to the courses I typically play. I will save this for when I get an invite to play someplace special.  The contrasting collar & sleeves and the matching skull and t’s emblem on the left chest really make this shirt stand out from the crowd.  The Rosebud Polo is meant for the confident gentlemen.  The rest of you?  Look elsewhere.

Devereux Proper Threads

My favorite part of covering golf fashion for GolfThreads is discovering golf brands I haven’t worn before. Much like William Murray Golf, I have never worn Devereux Proper Threads before. My loss. They were equally as impressive! These were the hippest and most versatile polo’s I reviewed. I could easily pack a few of these shirts for a trip and they would seamlessly transition from the course to the resort. I did end up sizing down to find my perfect fit.

Bonobos Golf

Bonobos is among the highest quality golf apparel I own. I love the M-Flex Stretch Panels. The Slim Fit is my go-to. In my imagination Ol’ Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack would’ve worn Bonobos while hanging out on the Las Vegas Strip prior to heading to the Sands Hotel to perform in the Copa Room. Now that is style.

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