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Galvin Green INSULA: Heat Up the Fairways

March. It comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. While there is a light at the end of the long winter tunnel, Mother Nature still has plenty of bite to dish out, even after Spring arrives.

This is also the time of the year when most of us start thinking about taking our clubs out of hibernation. Unless you are jetting off to a tropical location for your first rounds of the new season, (if so, we’re jealous and please take us with you) then you’ll likely need to layer up with something warm, light, and flexible. These three characteristics may seem mutually exclusive, but not if you are slipping on a jacket or pullover from Galvin Green’s INSULA range.

Galvin Green INSULA Technology

INSULA is a highly advanced textile that provides a thin, lightweight layer of warmth. The waffle-like texture is light, airy and as soft as that aforementioned lamb. The fibers have built-in air chambers, which are warmed by body heat. They lock in heat and provide long-lasting thermal insulation. There is probably some level of thermodynamics or heat transfer physics at work here, but that explanation is better left to Bryson DeChambeau.

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Being warm is great, but overheating is not. This is where INSULA’s versatility is a benefit. It not only has the ability to warm the body, it also allows excess heat to escape. This combination of insulated warmth and breathability make INSULA the perfect fabric for Spring’s variable conditions.

The rare combination of insulated warmth and breathability

Galvin Green’s INSULA pieces are the ultimate mid-layer options. The brand has perfected the multilayer concept that consists of thin, interchangeable layers. Each layer works in concert with the others to provide warmth, breathability and moisture management, while maintaining range of motion. The INSULA pieces can be easily worn over a technical polo or layered under a wind or rain jacket for extra protection against the elements.

With temperatures in the frigid 40s, Galvin Green’s Darin has been my go-to INSULA piece during this harsh Northern California winter. While the previous sentence is dripping with sarcasm, the fact that the Darin has been my preferred layering option is no joke. The quilted front and back provide even more heat retention while the two fronts pockets are perfect for stashing hand warmers. The feature you’ll like the most is the silky liner that helps the Darin slide and glide over a polo shirt for maximum playability.

2019 Galvin Green INSULA Collection

For 2019, Galvin Green has just launched its state-of-the-art Part One Collection with a range of new INSULA pieces. If you add just one to your wardrobe, make it the Doug. The full-zip, insulated design offers an updated take on the Darin. Plus, the off-white Antarctica colorway is a super clean option for Spring.

For sportier looks, grab the Dale with paneled sleeves or the asymmetrical color-blocked design of the Deon. To liven up the fairways with vibrant pops of color this season, opt for the Bluebird or Magenta colorways.

Living on the leading edge of golf fashion is in Galvin Green’s DNA. The latest example of this is the brand’s new Carbon Series. Stealthy black, silver, and grey colors are married with subtle tone-on-tone patterns to bring an ultra-modern look to the course. Included in the capsule collection is the Dave. This full-zip INSULA jacket epitomizes the sleek, fashion-forward vibe of the collection with a Carbon design on the front zipper and a tone-on-tone diamond print on the sleeves.

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