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This Week In Golf Fashion: Valspar Championship

Rare golf apparel finds, cool logos, and an extra nip and tuck for Dustin Johnson? Tour Editor Michael Ruuska breaks down the best looks from the Valspar Championship.

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Joey Garber (Rhone)

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I was totally stoked when I saw hirsute Diaper Dandy, Joey Garber wearing Rhone during the Valspar Championship. Apparently, he has been wearing the brand’s threads since February. Rhone is one of my favorite performance golf polos and my go-to gym-wear (and soon to be my yoga apparel as well. Stay tuned….).

Scott Stallings (tasc Performance)

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How does the saying go, “sun’s out, guns out?” Just like Phil Mickelson doesn’t skip “calf day,” Stallings clearly does not miss “arm day.” If anyone knows anything about tasc Performance apparel, give me a shout. This is the second time I have noticed them on Tour this season. I like what I see and I dig sustainability.

Curtis Luck (Callaway Japan)

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I don’t know much about tasc Apparel and I don’t know much about Curtis Luck. I want to know more about both! Luck always looks good and could easily contend for a Threadie one of these days. I love Callaway Japan but wish it was more accessible. Those seersucker slacks are dynamite.

Danny Willett (Descente & FootJoy)

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Speaking of apparel that I wish were more easily accessible; give me access to Descente. Please! I will not repeat myself by telling you for the umpteenth time how I am convinced that I’d play better wearing Descente. Btw, I’m also a fan of the Hickies no-tie shoelaces that Willett is rockin’.

Satoshi Kodaira (Admiral)

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Keeping with the theme of great international apparel that we cannot easily get our hands on in the good old USA; Admiral makes some legit looking golf gear. I love the message, too: “Keep Calm and Play Golf.” Indeed, Satoshi. Indeed.

Lucas Glover (Linksoul)

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“Keep Calm and Play Golf” reminds me of Linksoul’s “Mandatory Golf Friday.” There is something about Linksoul that epitomizes cool. Their logo is unassumingly cool; so maybe it’s the logo. Whatever it is, you will always look cool wearing Linksoul. Trust me. In fact, if you ever decide to wear a Tour logo on your shirt, go with the Linksoul Tour Logo Collection. It is cool. (I know I used “cool ” four times already, but their stuff is just so….cool).

Kevin Streelman (johnnie-O)

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Johnnie-O’s logo might rival the Linksoul logo in terms of coolness. The Otis Printed Prep-Formance Pique polo is a shirt I’ve had my eye on.

Dustin Johnson (Adidas)

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Do DJ’s pants seem exceptionally tapered this season? Looks fantastic. Being a svelte 6’4″ and 190 lbs. helps, too.

Keegan Bradley (TravisMathew)

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Surfing TravisMathew’s website is a favorite pastime of mine. They are, without a doubt the best in the business at naming their apparel. This TravisMathew polo that Keegan Bradley wore during round one of the Valspar Championship is called “Oh Snap.” Seriously. Check out the names of their shirts. Very entertaining. My understanding is that they encourage employees to submit names for future releases. Maybe one day GolfThreads will have a shirt named after it. Dare I say it? Awesome.

Joel Dahmen (Bald Head Blues)

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I feel like I have taken a Socratic approach to the Valspar edition of TWIGF. Many questions to be answered. Perhaps the most pressing; what belt was Joel Dahmen wearing on Thursday? As always, drop us a line. Peace.

Feature image via tasc Performance


  1. Did you notice not only were DJ’s trousers more tapered but they were markedly shorter too. I think a slight fall on the shoe is perfect but DJ looked like they were too short, you could always see the sock. Maybe that was what he was going for?

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