Bunker Mentality: Because Style Matters This Winter

For obvious sartorial reasons, GolfThreads is a big fan of England’s Unapologetically Bold golf apparel brand, Bunker Mentality.

From the Bunker Mentality website (they say it best): “Our clothing has a strong modern and fashion-forward spirit that can be worn from ‘first tee to last orders’. Attention to detail in our products is critical in achieving our mission of ‘creating new traditions’ and ‘future classics’ in golf. Bunker Mentality is defined by dynamic color, graphic energy, attention to detail and an irreverent sense of humor. We love to take things from popular culture and ‘golfize’ them, which is why you ‘mutha putta’s’ are reading this. We are pushing open the envelope whilst not compromising golf etiquette, but full on with our own style creating a new wave of golf culture.”

If you have read any of my reviews over the past year, you’ve probably noticed that, much like Bunker Mentality, I also like to “take things from popular culture and ‘golfize’ them.” Herein lies my challenge….immerse myself in Bunker Mentality apparel and make a pop culture comparison for the purpose of this review, that not only entertains (even if I am the only one entertained by it) but does justice to a company that prides itself on making golf apparel with a popular culture influence. Oh my…

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Before I go all hip-hop and history on you (this will make sense later on), let me give you my impression of Bunker Mentality’s offerings; very aggressive and somewhat flamboyantly styled golf apparel that will appeal to the golfer who likes to stand out on the course (think early Rickie Fowler). Bunker Mentality uses bold stripes and all-over prints to give off a sporty yet retro feel to their polos. If you prefer to be a wallflower on the course, Bunker Mentality is definitely not for you. They are as far left of the typical golf uniform as you will find, while still remaining tasteful and stylish.

Jackets and Pullovers

As a New Englander, I was wicked excited to get my hands on their outerwear. Bunker Mentality’s Puffer Caddy and Kuba Wind Jackets are legit. They provide the warmth, breathability, and stretch that I look for in my golf outer layers. The styling is subtler compared to their polos, however, with that being said they do offer more flair than your typical golf jacket.

As impressed as I was with the golf polos and jackets, it was Bunker Mentality’s mid-layers that really caught my eye. These fleece-lined 1/4 zip pullovers remind me of a Scandinavian ski sweater. The styling and technical performance fabric could just as easily be worn by a Nordic biathlete. Simply. Beautiful.

Game Day Outfits

Finally, I’m a sucker for a “lookbook” and I highly recommend visiting Bunker-Mentality.com and taking a look at their Game Day Golf Outfits. For the record, my favorite is Outfit No. 65 (which seems appropriate given my Finnish heritage). More good news; Bunker Mentality now has a base in the U.S. and a warehouse in Clearwater, Florida. The brand sells in U.S. dollars and its customer base is growing nicely in the States.

Ok, now for my useless pop culture reference that has nothing (or maybe everything) to do with Bunker Mentality….when I read the About Us section of the Bunker Mentality website I thought of the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Still with me? Good. Hamilton tells the story of American Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton, through music; incorporating hip-hop, R&B, pop, soul, and show tunes. The color conscious casting of non-white actors to play the Founding Fathers who rap about the life of Alexander Hamilton is only part of the brilliance.

Hamilton is a wildly popular, revolutionary performance that made the bold choice to stray from the traditional musical genre by bringing rap to Broadway without losing the message of the American Revolution. What does this have to do with a golf apparel brand from Nottingham, England? Bunker Mentality is a revolutionary golf brand not afraid to push the envelope to create a new wave of golf culture while remaining true to golf etiquette.

And, did you know, when George Washington became the first President of the United States, he made Alexander Hamilton his Treasury Secretary? In that role, Hamilton established a trading relationship with Britain! Hmmmm…..did you also know that our friends at Bunker Mentality ship worldwide to over 30 countries (the U.S. included)? Thank you, Mr. Hamilton. Thank you, Bunker Mentality.

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