This Week in Golf Fashion: Straight Outta Honolulu Edition

I am not sure how familiar Australian Marc Leishman is with early ’90s East Coast Hip-Hop (my guess is that GolfThreads readers aren’t overly savvy when it comes to this genre either). Whatever! As an O.G.T., I am comin’ straight outta Honolulu to drop some golf fashion knowledge…

“The Choice Is Yours” Marc Leishman (Izod)

In 1991, Black Sheep released their hip-hop hit “The Choice Is Yours” (seriously, in 2008, “The Choice is Yours” was still ranked #73 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs). The chorus goes a little something like this, hit it…..

“You Can Get With This”

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THIS makes sense to me. The all-over print is very clean and is a great choice for his body type.

“Or You Can Get With That”

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THAT is a head-scratcher. The top half of the shirt pairs beautifully with his trousers, but the pop of color in his midsection, not to mention the horizontal stripes, isn’t working.

“I think you’ll get with THIS…”

The Dude Abides (And Wipes?)

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Homie Jason Dufner curiously continues on without a hat sponsor. This is great for the rest of us as he always tops his dome with dope lids. On Friday (not pictured) he wore the Monstera with Rope from O.G.A. (Oahu Golf Apparel) which might be my favorite hat he’s ever worn. Interestingly, Duf does have a new sponsorship with Dude Wipes (they are exactly what you think they are). The Duf abides…

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Vineyard Vines (& Poinsettias)

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Anyone who thinks that Vineyard Vines only does East Coast Rap (I mean prep) hasn’t seen the Palmsettia Breaker Pants. Russell Knox embraced the tropical island vibe with poinsettia and palm frond print slacks. Not only are these trousers perfect for making a statement during a round of golf (the added spandex gives them the perfect amount of stretch); they are a much better option than your Ugly Christmas Sweater for next year’s Holiday Party. Wardrobe versatility, boy!

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Vineyard Vines x Smathers & Branson is a collaboration of needlepoint belts that epitomize classic Martha’s Vineyard style. The Sportfisher Needlepoint Belt is a beaut. J.T. Poston used this belt and Titleist Rope Hat as the focal points of his outfit. They worked beautifully. Do not underestimate the value of accessories. You don’t necessarily need Palmsettia pants to stand out.

Sam Ryder (Greyson & G/FORE)

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Last week I shared my prediction that 2019 will be the year that Rickie Fowler finally wins a major. This week’s prophecy is that Sam Ryder overtakes Billy Horschel as GolfThreads Best Dressed Golfer in 2019. That is no small task, especially given that BillyHo announced on social media this past week that he is now wearing both RLX and Polo Golf!

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Cameron Smith (Original Penguin)

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On the topic of the Best Dressed; I lobbied hard for the inclusion of Cam Smith to the list in 2018 and now he goes and does this?! Pull yourself together, mate. Keep your shirt tucked in and lose the white belt (navy would’ve been a much better choice with the Tartan Plaid Golf Pant).

Chez Reavie (Peter Millar & G/FORE)

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Full disclosure, I quite fancy Peter Millar apparel, G/FORE footwear, and House of Fleming belts lately. It should be no surprise then that Chez Reavie caught my eye at the Sony Open. His kits were excellent for the tournament, especially the Windemere Printed Foulard Stretch Mesh Polo he wore Sunday and the gray camouflage shirt on Friday. Each looked fantastic with his House of Fleming belt. Both days he wore white G/FORE Longwing Gallivanters and a white hat (do all of his ball caps have an Arizona Diamondbacks logo on the side?). Can you imagine how the entire ensemble would be ruined with a white belt?

Andrew Putnam (Oakley)

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Finally, I wanted to give a shoutout to Andrew Putnam. Typically, I do not advise pairing tan and gray, but I thought he made this color combination work on Thursday. Putnam broke out a vintage belt (the Bruno 2) from his former sponsor, TravisMathew, to pull the outfit together.

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Interestingly, he wore the TravisMathew Cuater Impulse Belt on Saturday to complete another solid look by Oakley.


  1. The shirts on putnam are huge but I do like the white khaki look as a different option. I like Mark’s first shirt but his second kit is his standard go to.

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