This Week in Golf Fashion: Bone Hugs-n-Harmony Edition

Fashion Recap of the Wells Fargo Championship 

It was a relatively slow week in golf fashion. Let’s pick up the pace with some Bone Hugs-n-Harmony, the Kentucky Derby, Purple Reign and a little-known phobia.

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Last week, Jim commented on how he is not a fan of white pant/black shirt combinations (and I agree!). Brooks Koepka gave us an alternative to the white pants by showcasing how well a black polo can pair with Nike’s ‘light bone’ colored slacks.

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Patrick Rodgers went in the opposite direction, highlighting the versatility of ‘light bone’ colored trousers by topping them with an off-white shirt. This gave an almost monochromatic appearance. Looks sharp, too. Especially with the Nike Air Zoom 90 shoes.


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Like most of Nike’s stable of golfers, the fit of Jason Day’s apparel is off the charts. Sunday’s Dry Print Victory Block Polo had a bit more width in the chest than some of his other polos. Day often pushes the limits of slim-fitting shirts, but the extra width of this one led to a much better fit.


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Rory McIlroy and Nick Watney were clearly in perfect harmony as they both wore the same Nike Standard Fit Polo on Sunday. Great choice. The blue shirt is really enhanced by the integrated silver lines which add a perceived texture to the polo.


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Vineyard Vines certainly has become the de facto apparel choice for menswear at Kentucky Derby parties. Making the cut Saturday, made it easy for Tom Lovelady to “Justify” wearing his Kentucky Derby-inspired Vineyard Vines Printed Tickets Breaker Pants. For the record, these are acceptable to wear one day a year. That is it. They are currently on sale. Buy yours now and put them away for next year’s round of golf followed by sipping a mint julep while watching the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Purple Reign

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Rickie Fowler, the Prince of golf fashion. He is the only golfer who can pull off this purple belt. Fowler’s best look, however, was the Puma Digital Camo Golf Polo he wore on Friday.

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And with all due respects to Tom Lovelady, Rickie stole the show last year with his Vineyard Vines Kentucky Derby blazer. Still the benchmark for Derby attire, in my opinion.


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Finally, for those of you who suffer from Koumpounophobia (a phobia which is essentially an irrational and persistent fear of buttons), Tiger Woods introduced us to the buttonless blade collar polo from Nike. In place of buttons, there is a little zipper. This is a ‘hard pass’ from the GolfThreads crew. Stick to collars and buttons on the course.

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  1. Mike, thanks for the shot out and i totally agree. Brooks looked much better in the bone colored slacks since it diminished the contrast. Rickie is the only one who can pull off a purple belt and he does it so easily. I feel like Rory has kind of gotten lost in his fashion choices since it was crafted solely for him but for all Nike Stable guys. Like above, often times he will be wearing the same shirt on the same day as another player. Doesn’t make him standout.

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