This Week in Golf Fashion: Winning in Style

Honda Classic Fashion Recap

Justin Thomas wins in style, Rickie Fowler rocks pineapples, Tiger steps up his (style) game, Wesley Bryan steals your mom’s Skechers, and more as we recap the fashion scene from West Palm Beach.

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Justin Thomas (Polo Ralph Lauren)

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

This is the time of the year when many of us take off for spring golf trips. If you are dusting off the clubs and packing the weekend bag, you can’t go wrong copying JT’s script. Neutral colored bottoms like navy, grey, and white make it easy to mix and match different shirts throughout the trip. Up top, dusty pastels provide a soft punch, and matching your belt to your pants is always a smart move. While I’m never against some custom kicks, save room in your luggage by packing a single pair of white brogues. They work with nearly every outfit.

Billy Horschel (RLX Ralph Lauren)

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Last week, our Tour Editor Michael Ruuska gave Justin Thomas the early lead for best-dressed in 2018. I’m still on the Billy Horschel bandwagon thanks to sharp looks like this one. We don’t see nearly enough greens and browns on Tour because they tend to not pop off the screen like other colors. However, it is difficult not to grab attention with these sporty stripes and sick kicks. If you are looking for a stylish Masters Sunday kit, start here with Billy’s RLX Tech Pique Polo and 5-Pocket Tech Pants.

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Tommy Fleetwood (Nike Golf)

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From talking about not seeing enough green to seeing way too much of it. Nike calls this muted hue Clay Green. It’s a cool and unique color for the season, but it isn’t one that lends itself to head-to-toe setups. (Does anyone else have visions of Gumby or the Jolly Green Giant?) When going monochromatic, stick with black, grey, or navy. Oh, and don’t break up the flow with a white belt, either.

Thomas Pieters (Nike Golf)

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Fleetwood didn’t have to look far to see how to pull off Clay Green. Nike teammate Thomas Pieters hit all the right notes by pairing the same color with black pants, shoes, and hat.

Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)

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Rickie is known for some epic spring breaks in Bakers Bay and he was feeling some early #SB2K18 vibes this week with this Special Edition Pineapple ‘P’ Cap from Puma. I like how he used the colorful lid to elevate the look of a rather pedestrian white and grey kit. If you are hitting a tropical locale this spring, this hat is a must-add to your luggage.

Adam Scott (Uniqlo)

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Since Adam Scott’s move to Uniqlo, his approach has been fairly simple–solid shirt, solid pants, great tailoring. This ‘laser show’ design with angular lines was a new look for him and I liked it. In fact, it was the first time in several years that I went searching for a Uniqlo polo. It was bold, but the tonal nature of the design fed into Scott’s understated preferences.

Btw, this shirt isn’t available on Uniqlo’s site, yet, which brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves. Why dress your Tour player in fresh threads, but not have them available to buy???

Tyrone Van Aswegen (Iliac Golf)

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Trend alert! Patterned collars were all the rage about 5 years ago. Then, they disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Now, they are making a strong comeback, and after checking out the fall collections at the PGA Show last month, we expect to see even more patterned collars in the second half of the year. This is a trend worth jumping on. If you do, follow Tyrone’s lead and keep the rest of your outfit simple and quiet.

Danny Lee (Devereux)

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If you are just coming out of winter golf hibernation and want to know the state of golf fashion heading into spring, Danny Lee’s look tells the story. All-over micro prints are everywhere, webbed belts are in, and trousers in crisp colors are where it’s at.

Wesley Bryan (Skechers)

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Pink Skechers? Really? How many of you have the guts and the game to roll up to the first tee in these?

Tiger Woods (Nike Golf)

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You didn’t think you could escape without some over-analysis of Tiger, did you? Much like his game, we saw some big improvements in Big Cat’s fashion choices. Sure, the patterns on his shirts the first two days were rough on the eyes, but he made it through four rounds without strapping on a white belt. His pants also appeared to be slimmer with a nice taper below the knee. The Air Zoom TW71 is one of the best looking shoes he’s worn and a much better option than the TW’17 with those nursing home velcro straps.

News & Notes

GOAT Socks

YESSIR! Those crazy kids at Stance have teamed up with the Nicklaus Companies to create a Jack Nicklaus Collection of socks. Five designs will be released throughout the year and will benefit the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. The first style released features the iconic image of Jack walking in that birdie putt at the 71st hole of the 1986 Masters on the way to his sixth Green Jacket. The design takes cues from the outfit he wore that day, including patches of yellow–a nod to his famous shirt worn in memory of family friend Craig Smith.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

All eyes have been on Pyeong Chang for two weeks, but now attention flips to the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. Adidas Golf announced that it will once again outfit the men’s and women’s U.S. Olympic Teams in 2020. In a lead up to Tokyo, the Three-Stripes brand will be releasing a USA-inspired collection of apparel and accessories on June 1, 2018, for those looking to get a head start on their patriotic ways ahead of July 4, the Ryder Cup and beyond. (2016 uniforms shown above.)

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  1. Greg, what a fantastic read. I saw JT’s pink/Gray script and loved it. Sometimes his wider leg pants are a touch too short it seems. Did you notice his saturday collar was patterned as well similar to Tyrone? Once I saw the Fleetwood all green, I knew it would be mentioned here. That seems very DJ 2010/2011 style.Once I saw BillyHo’s outfit, I loved it. Everything is just spot on and great comments about it. Scott stepping out with that shirt was great and I agree TW did look better. These week’s in fashion are so much fun and always so well put together. Keep it up!

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