G/FORE x TRENDYGOLF Disruptor: The Golf Sneaker We Have Been Waiting For

Pulling inspiration from one of the hottest off-course sneaker trends, TRENDYGOLF and G/FORE have teamed up to give us two exclusive colorways (Twilight and Fly) of G/FORE’s stylish Disruptor. With clean lines, understated good looks, and a nearly all white design, these limited edition Disruptors are the perfect way to take your golf wardrobe to new heights as we close out summer and head into fall.

100% waterproof smooth full grain leather

In life, there are great things that get exponentially better when you pair them with other great things. There is chocolate and peanut butter, chips and salsa, pizza and beer, and with this collaboration, you can add TRENDYGOLF and G/FORE to the list. TRENDYGOLF has been delivering the latest designs from the most luxurious, high performance brands to the doorsteps of fashion conscious golfers for the past 10 years. G/FORE is one of the hippest brands in golf. Its edgy attitude and modern interpretations of classic looks are resonating with players of all ages. With these limited edition Disruptors, the two brands have combined to take golf shoe fashion to another level.

The perfect way to take your golf wardrobe to the next level

G/FORE created serious buzz at the PGA Show this past January by launching an extensive range of insanely stylish shoes that included everything from contemporary brogue, cap toe and oxford designs to street savvy high-tops. The brand even dropped a few styles with old school kilties on us. The highlight of the collection, though, was the Disruptor. It even caught the eye of two-time Masters Champion and G/FORE brand ambassador Bubba Watson.

“I saw the Disruptors for the first time at the PGA Show in January and I said, ‘Oh, my gosh! I need these. When am I going to get mine?’ Well, they arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve been wearing them around the house and when I’ve been playing at home. I’ve worn them to play golf and then worn them into restaurants and then to pick up the kids. I’ve worn them and people don’t even know they’re golf shoes,” said Bubba.

Watson makes a good point about the Disruptor’s versatility. At a time when life has become increasingly hectic, it has also become more seamless. These days, brunches, happy hours, or casual dinners often follow weekend rounds. Weeknight rounds are often preceded by a day in the office. The Disruptor is the perfect shoe for the modern golfer as it has the style, performance, and comfort to effortlessly move throughout your day. And best of all, no one will know you are wearing golf shoes.

Hold On Tight

Since street-style shoes hit the fairways, traction and performance have always been the biggest concerns. Most of these spikeless shoes are equipped with traction systems consisting of rubber nubs. Technically, the Disruptor falls into the spikeless category since it doesn’t have replaceable cleats, but calling the Disruptor spikeless is a bit unfair. Its aggressive traction system features an outsole with strategically placed, hard plastic molded ‘cleats’ in various shapes and sizes. The grip that it provides is no joke.

Aggressive traction system with strategically placed ‘cleats’

Bubba Watson swings a driver at 125+ miles per hour and has some of the fanciest footwork in the game. Here is what he had to say about the grip provided by G/FORE’s bespoke outsole.

“I’m in the trees a lot so I pick up leaves, grass, and sticks because the cleats are so good. Mossimo [Gianunlli, Founder of G/FORE] did a great job with the design and the materials. He knows what I’m looking for and what works for me, and he built a great product that keeps me grounded. I can still move around and I don’t slip in them.”

Granted my swing speed is more than a few miles per hour slower than Bubba’s, but the traction provided by the Disruptor’s outsole is equal to or better than many of the cleated shoes I’ve worn this year. While wearing the Disruptor, I’ve been on wet grass, hardpan, sand, and cart paths. This probably says a lot about the state of my game, but it also says a lot about the Disruptor’s performance. The Disruptor’s traction system has yet to let me down. I just wish I could say the same about my swing.

Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Greens

Unlike other high traction shoes, the Disruptor is easy on greens. I typically play at the crack of dawn, which usually means soft, wet greens and a trail of spike marks. The first few times I laced up the Disruptor, I was expecting to see a massive number of marks as I walked on the greens. Instead, they looked as smooth as they did before I set foot on them. If you are looking to make friends with the greenskeeper, grab a pair of Disruptors. Maybe he’ll place the holes in your favorite locations for the club championship as a thank you.

Wait, what?

The cleats aren’t the only sharp and edgy parts of the Disruptor’s outsole. Those of you who follow G/FORE know that the brand isn’t afraid of pushing the boundaries every now and then. The latest examples of this are the words “FORE” printed on the left outsole and “PLAY” printed on the right. Hmmm…and this shoe looked so clean and innocent from the top!

A Massage With Every Step

Misbehaving drivers and uncomfortable shoes have ruined many good walks on the golf course. While an errant big stick may have you looking for the parking lot after the front nine, strolling the course in a pair of Disruptors will have you thinking about an extra nine or 18.

Textured sockliner is like a massage with every step

The shoe’s comfort features start with a lightweight waterproof leather upper. These days, many footwear brands are trading the luxurious look and feel of leather for feathery microfibers. G/FORE has combined the comfort of a lightweight pair of kicks with the elegance of a smooth full grain leather.

As soft, supple, and flexible as the upper of the Disruptor is, the textured Ortholite sockliner is the comfort feature that really puts it over the top. At first, the small, wavy ridges took some getting used to, but the genius of the design was apparent after a couple of holes. It’s like getting a foot massage with every step and that makes for happy feet on the course.

3 Ways to Rock the Disruptor

The G/FORE x TRENDYGOLF Disruptor provides a clean, casual aesthetic. Easily pair it with shorts for a cool summer vibe or slim fitting chinos for a sleek street fashion look. Here are three ways to wear the Disruptor on the fairways this fall.


G/FORE Fear of Bogeys Hat (Onyx)
G/FORE Essential Polo (Snow)
G/FORE Glove (Fly)
G/FORE Camo Midlayer (Onyx)
G/FORE Reversible D-Ring Belt (Onyx)
G/FORE Jogger (Onyx)
G/FORE x TRENDYGOLF Disruptor (Fly)
G/FORE Down Puff Vest (Onyx)

Bold & Blue

TravisMathew Bogan Cap (Blue Nights)
J.Lindeberg KV Reg TX Jersey (White)
Royal Albartross Brideman Belt (Navy)
Ted Baker Golftro Chino Trouser (Navy)
G/FORE Competition Stripe Glove (Azure)
G/FORE x TRENDYGOLF Disruptor (Twilight)
J.Lindeberg Marten True Merino Sweater (Strong Blue)

Athletic & Modern

Nike AeroBill Classic 99 Hat (Heather White)
Nike Dry Stripe Polo (White/Laser Orange)
TravisMathew Cuater Vision Belt (Dark Blue/Dark Grey)
Nike Flex Short (Armory Navy)
G/FORE Glove (Fly)
G/FORE x TRENDYGOLF Disruptor (Twilight)
Ralph Lauren RLX Hooded Hybrid Jacket (Grey Heather)


  1. I love the apparel scripts put together for the shoes. Simple, classic and very stylish. The yellow pop of color was really cool as it is a very hard color to incorporate/wear. That blue thread belt is boss.

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