PGA Championship Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Days 3 & 4

Who was on point? Who had the fashion yips? GolfThreads contributor Ian Galbraith puts a wrap on the fashion scene from the 2017 PGA Championship.

Fashion Dimes

Justin Thomas (Polo Ralph Lauren)

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The top spot goes to the 2017 PGA Champion. JT gave us a healthy dose of classic kits and a little final round drama en route to capturing the Wannamaker Trophy in style. On Saturday, he rocked this preppy royal and green striped pique polo before turning to a timeless pink and navy combo for Championship Sunday. Together, Thomas and Ralph Lauren have created a unique look that puts him in a different category from the other young guys. Copy his modern takes on classic kits, and you will be the best dressed golfer on the course. You can never go wrong with bespoke FootJoy Icons, either.

Kevin Kisner (Dunning)

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It was a strong showing by Kisner, but in the end, he was outdueled by a red hot Thomas. On the plus side, his combination of a baby blue polo and light blue trousers was a winner. His new partnership with Dunning has taken his clothing game to the next level.

Ian Poulter

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Ian sported this sharp raspberry colored polo with crisp white trousers for Saturday’s round. As my wife said while we were watching, he deserves a shout out just for the polo. These dark, rich colors are definitely on trend this fall (see Dimes & Crimes from Day 1). I’m not a visor wearer, but I have to give props to the Englishman for staying true to his roots. Plus, his clothes have gone up two levels since he shuddered his own line. Nice work, Poults.

Gary Woodland (Under Armour)

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Woodland is a clothing company’s ideal model. He has the perfect build for Under Armour’s athletic cuts. Saturday’s setup with a blue gradient stripe polo, matching belt, and crisp white pants was easily his best of the week.

Jason Day (Nike Golf)

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There are almost as many players wearing Nike as players not wearing the Swoosh this week. I continue to like Nike’s collarless polos and the white shirt with the sapphire blue pants was a winning combination for the Aussie. The white belt is not ideal, but it does look like an extension of his shirt. Even with all of Nike’s cutting-edge cooling technology, Day got roasted on the Green Mile to drop out of contention.

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Sung Kang (Under Armour)

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Kang had four stylish outfits this week. His perfectly tailored white polo and vibrant blue pants helped him to stand out from the crowd as he made a final round charge up the leaderboard. The pair of fresh white kicks made for a solid pairing with the vibrant hue.

Dustin Johnson (Adidas)

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DJ is a fixture on the Dimes list and he was on point once again with this monochromatic gray setup. The yellow accents on the sleeves added a pop of color and elevated his entire look.

Satoshi Kodaira

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Satoshi might not be well known on this side of the world, but we are hoping to see more of his fresh looks on the fairways. The baby blue polo looks great and the slim fit shows off his pipes. I need to get his workout routine.

Billy Horschel (RLX Ralph Lauren)

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We should just post a photo of Billy every day with a caption that says, “Follow his look.” The green pants are just flashy enough to be fashionable, yet not overwhelming. The blue belt compliments the stripped polo perfectly. This webbed RLX belt is still one of my favorites.

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Fashion Crimes

Hideki Matsuyama

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Hideki is starting to become a regular on the Crimes list. His shirts always look like billboards and the crazy patterns cause blurry vision. Plus, his pants have the same fit as those baggy khakis sported by your 20-handicap uncle who plays four times a year. Hideki’s oversized cuts easily add 20 pounds to his frame. Slimmer is better.

Chris Stroud

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Chris had a chance to make history Sunday and he decided to wear a dimpled shirt and pants that were made from a Scottish dinner jacket. SMH. I like a guy who will take some sartorial risks, but do it on a Thursday of a Tier 2 tournament. Not when you have a chance to win your first major. Stroud has now worn ridiculous pants on back-to-back Sunday’s. If this is his signature look, we’re happy to help him find a new one.

Bryson Dechambeau

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I have to give credit to the young star for creating and embracing a unique style, but his pants remind me of something you would get at REI for hiking. Do the lower halves of the legs zip off to create shorts? Not to mention, you know our feelings on white belts at this point. Let’s start scripting Bryson and give him the name of a good tailor.

Patrick Reed

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I am beginning to think Patrick Reed just wants to wear ill-fitting clothes. He’s lost a considerable amount of weight over the past year, yet he still wears clothes big enough for him and his caddie. Plus, the black shoes created way too much contrast when paired with the white pants. Let’s smooth it out, Patrick.


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A few days ago, we showcased Michael Phelps as an example of how spectators should dress for attending a golf tournament. These guys didn’t get the message. Not only do they look terrible, but they probably sweated more than 5 gallons while wearing those hats, pants, and jackets all day. At least they will live in infamy on GolfThreads.


  1. Fit. Fit. Fit. The proper fit makes all the difference. Being fit doesn’t hurt either. Even those heavier guys can look slimmer and more athletic if they have their clothes tailored. I know Patrick Reed is fiery and likes to channel his inner Tiger Woods, but red is a horrible color for him and don’t get me started on those awful rear pant pocket flaps he likes to sport. Matsuyama always looks like he should be working at a pre-owned Lexus dealership instead of the #2 ranked golfer in the world! We continue to differ on the Nike collarless polos; I am not a fan and don’t see them having any staying power. Finally, your Bryson Dechambeau “REI” line killed me. Happy trails….

  2. I am not sure what was worse, Bryson in those pants and terrible looking hiking shoes or Mats. Mats always, always looks bad even when he does simple. DId anyone notice that JT was wearing pants that seemed just a pinch too short? They were flapping around. DJ looks good even in boring outfits because of the fit. Absolutely love Spieth, Woodland, Poulter. They always seem to have great color balance in what they play in.

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