Redvanly: Stylish Performance Wear for the Modern Golfer

Redvanly is one of those boutique brands that have captured our attention in a big way. Founded in 2013, the Jersey City-based company dropped its first collection of contemporary athletic wear on the golf world in 2015. Ever since, we’ve been all in on the brand’s bold, confident, and unpretentious vibe.

For 2017, Redvanly’s cool, casual, and sporty looks once again hit the sweet spot of modern golf fashion. Its new collection of polos features seven fresh designs, four palette cleansing color stories, and the brand’s cutting-edge Tencel blend fabric.

Redvanly Polos
Baltic Polo

In its brief history, Redvanly has developed a knack for subtle asymmetrical designs and the latest examples of this are the Baltic and Remsen Polos. Both incorporate asymmetrical elements on the left sleeves in the form of a stripe on the Baltic and a blocked design on the Remsen. The issue with most asymmetrical designs is that they come off looking unbalanced (go figure), but Redvanly’s understated approach with the Baltic keeps everything clean and in check.

Lugar Polo

We can always count on a few stylish color blocked designs from Redvanly and it didn’t disappoint with the Lugar, Nevins, and Hicks Polos this season. The Lugar and Nevins bring classic, understated looks with dashes of sportiness to carry you from the 18th green to the pub for a post-round happy hour. The Hicks takes the typical blocked design to another level with a contrasting stripe on the lower torso for a bit of retro flair. Consider it a modern throwback.

Estee Polo

The real head-turner of the collection, though, is the Estee Polo. The aggressive, yet well-balanced contrasting panels play into the latest trends in athletic wear. This is the shirt you want to grab on Moving Day of the club championship or for a big skins match. It just screams, “Go low today.”

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Rounding out Redvanly’s collection of polos is the timeless Degraw. The tipped sleeves and contrasting collar and placket make this shirt a must-have foundation piece in your wardrobe. It’s crisp, clean and effortlessly moves from a morning round on the course to an afternoon match on the tennis court.

Chauncy Jacket

Joining Redvanly’s collection of polos is a new layering piece. The Chauncy Jacket is your lightweight answer to cool mornings and evenings. While most jackets are built to resist movement, Redvanly’s Movement Air fabric is one of the stretchiest materials you will find. The ultra-light blend of nylon and spandex provides 4-way stretch for freedom of movement during the swing. It even stands up to wind and light showers, and best of all, it folds up to virtually nothing.

Colors & Collars

In addition to its new designs, Redvanly has rolled out a new palette of on-trend colors. Energetic sky blues and mint greens bring a light and airy attitude to the collection that is perfect for the warmer months. Mint green has been one of the ‘it’ colors of the season, and Redvanly’s version is one of the freshest we have seen. Two other color trends we are seeing right now are saturated hues and the return of beige. Redvanly hits both of these trends with a saturated periwinkle blue and a neutral taupe, both of which will carry you through summer and into the autumn months.

Remsen Polo

Also getting a reboot is Redvanly’s collars. Recognizing that the size, shape, and structure of a collar can make or break a polo shirt, the brand has continued to refine the design of its collars. Look for collars with a slimmer profile and more structure in this latest collection. You won’t find any collar flop or bacon collars here and the sleeker design complements the brand’s contemporary aesthetic.


When we talk about the biggest trends in golf fashion, it is easy to get caught up in sexy things like hot colors, cool styles, and the latest silhouettes. But the next big thing has nothing to do with colors, patterns or fits. Instead, it has everything to do with finding the Holy Grail of fabric—a material that feels as soft as cotton and performs as well as those high-tech polyesters.

Redvanly may have already found the unicorn of fabrics with its super-soft Tencel blend fabric. Tencel fibers are said to be 50% more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. Not a bad combination.

Nevins Polo

Always looking to innovate, Redvanly has taken Tencel and blended it with a high-performance polyester and elastane to create a fabric that has a love/hate relationship with moisture. Here’s how it works. Tencel loves water and absorbs it quickly. On the other hand, polyester hates water and gets rid of it as fast as a Tour player ditches a Pro V1 after a double bogey. Put Tencel and polyester together and you basically have the ultimate assembly line for disposing of sweat.

Tencel comes with additional benefits, too. It is said to be the softest fabric in the world, it drapes incredibly well, and looks as good on the street as it does on the course. This fabric is truly a game changer. Slip it on and you’ll swear that it is cotton.

Redvanly for Women
Grace Polo

In addition to Redvanly’s stylish line of men’s apparel, the brand also has a fashionable line of women’s gear for the course, the court, the gym, or just life in general. In fact, if you look at the list of Redvanly’s brand ambassadors, all are professional female golf or tennis players. The women’s collection features the same warm color palette as the men’s line and includes a full range of polos, tanks, crews, shorts, skorts, and outerwear in a mix of modern and sporty designs.

Where to Buy Redvanly
Degraw Polo

In the past, we’ve referred to Redvanly as an up-and-coming golf apparel brand, but it is time to do away with that moniker. Redvanly has arrived. Since the beginning, co-founder Andrew Redvanly has always taken a slow and steady approach. Growing in the right ways has always been more important than growing fast and this philosophy has clearly led to the brand’s early success. From coast to coast, you’ll find Redvanly’s gear in more than 150 upscale resorts and top-tier retailers, including TRENDYGOLF. (Hey, if TRENDYGOLF is stocking your threads, you know they are on point.)


  1. Love the Redvanly gear but not sure about how the sleeves fit (in the pictures), very loose from what I can see which I don’t think matches the norm?

    1. Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. The sleeves actually fit fairly narrow for me. I think if you stick with your normal size, you will get the fit you are looking for. Sizing up, will definitely give you a looser fit.

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