The golf world headed south of the border for spring break the first World Golf Championship of the calendar year, but the new setting produced many of the same results. Dustin Johnson dominated in well-coordinated looks and camos continued to be as hot as a habanero. We also saw a new accessory trend, but I’ll tell you why you don’t want any part of it.

Here’s a look back at the week that was in golf fashion.

Dustin Johnson (Adidas Golf)
Whether it was planned or not, the best player in the world stuck with a palette of blues and black which synced up perfectly with the TaylorMade TP5 logo on his hat. Speaking of hats, can you name a player that wears one better than DJ? That New Era snapback has the perfect amount of curve. Apparently, you think so, too, as our post on Dustin’s deal with New Era was the most read article on GolfThreads over the weekend.

Rory McIlory (Nike Golf)
Monochromatic gray kits can be tricky, but Rory gave us two important tips on how to make them work. First, mix a lighter shade with a darker shade. Second, add a subtle texture, like this tonal camo print, to either the top or bottom. Both of these tactics will create just the right amount of contrast and prevent the outfit from becoming flat and boring.

Kevin Na (WAAC)
Another week, another colorful camo from Kevin Na. Over the past few seasons, we have seen a plethora of blue and gray camos (see Rory above), but I like that Na has been pushing the envelope the last few weeks with more vibrant takes on the pattern. The key to making it work is to balance the bright hues with a darker color, as Na did with the black pants, belt, and hat.

Yuta Ikeda
The Japanese players have a knack for bringing a bit of flair to the course and Yuta Ikeda usually doesn’t disappoint in that department. This microprint polo and red pants are on point. He just needs to swap that white belt for a red one.

Hideki Matsuyama
White socks with the black trousers and shoes? Really, Hideki? This is an elementary school mistake. Can someone get the number four player in the world some black socks, please?

Phil Mickelson
‘Check’ out Phil’s pants. If you favor classic looks on the course, this black and white micro check pattern is a great way to add a pop of personality, while keeping your outfit timeless. Personally, I’m loving these blue mini check Highland pants from Bonobos Golf this spring.

Brandt Snedeker (Peter Millar)
Sneds was on his fashion game for the final round in this simple black and white setup. With the exception of the four logos, this is a super clean look and the black belt creates an easy transition from top to bottom. If he would just ditch those sneaker style shoes for a more classic pair, he would be in the running for a Threadie.

Alex Noren (Nike Golf)
I often talk about matching your belt to your shirt or your pants to create a blended look, but Alex Noren took it to the next level by matching his belt to both. This woven belt from Nike with gradient stripes creates the ultimate transition from a black or gray polo to a pair of white trousers.

Marcus Fraser (Adidas Golf) & Thomas Pieters (Nike Golf) 
Michelle Wie made kinesiology tape a trend on the LPGA Tour and Thomas Pieters and Marcus Fraser both used it to treat injuries in Mexico City. This is an accessory trend you can hopefully skip. There are better and less painful ways to work a bit of color into your looks.


  1. First of all Rory looked dynamite in his camo (entire outfit was legit) and Na’s camo was horrible. I am pretty certain Na has his collar “popped” in that picture you posted! After last week I think we determined that shoulder pads and “popped” collars are a NO-NO (speaking of no-no’s and Na’s, I am quite certain that the ‘Curse of the Bambino’ began when the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees to finance the musical No, No, NAnette). Anyhow, I am a huge belt guy (can do a lot for an outfit on and off the course) and am intrigued by the horizontal striped belt that Noren wore. I have done some vertical and woven designs, but never a horizontal pattern. Not sure how I feel about it. May try to work one into my wardrobe though. Back to my bashing of Na, he needs to lose the “NA” belt and while we are at it let’s just go ahead and add white belts to the list of golf fashion no-no’s: along with pairing white socks and black shoes, “popped” collars and shoulder pads. And a partridge in a pair tree…..

    1. That should be a “pear” tree…..guess that what happens when you type Christmas lyrics in March. Methinks my typo was because I just read an article on the top new golf shoes and was wishing for a “pair” 😉

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