This Week in Golf Fashion: Bear Trap Edition

With three members of GolfThreads’ 2016 Best Dressed List in contention at PGA National this past weekend, The Honda Classic gave us plenty of questions to ponder.

Why was Rickie’s style game on point? What’s the trendy color to wear on the course this spring? Are we really popping collars now? And how many more logos can Ian Poulter add to his pants?

We answer these questions and more as we take a look back at the week that was in golf fashion.

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Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)
Rickie’s style is certainly becoming more refined. A couple of years ago he was all about crazy digital prints, and now he is sporting chest pocket polos with contrasting plackets. What really makes this look, though, is the belt. It blends perfectly with his trousers to create a smooth transition from top to bottom and the pink stripes make it look like an extension of his shirt.

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Rickie Fowler (Puma Golf)
Here’s more from your 2017 Honda Classic winner. Subtle details can take a good looking outfit and turn it into a great outfit. Such was the case with Fowler’s Saturday kit. The pink stitching on his hat synced up with the thin pink stripe in his shirt to take this look to the next level.

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Blayne Barber (FootJoy)
90% of Tour players wear their pants too long, so we need to give major props to those who get it right. Blayne Barber’s tailoring is completely on point here. The short break allows the hems to just sweep the tops of the shoes.

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Russell Henley (Nike Golf)
So, we’re poppin’ collars now, bro? I really can’t think of a time when turning up a collar is appropriate. If you do it, you better be captaining a sailboat while wearing a shirt with a polo horse or an alligator, not playing golf in a sporty Nike polo. Sun protection? They make this stuff called sunscreen. You spray it on. It works pretty well. Or maybe Russell Henley’s agent just needs to pursue a deal to get his guy a coLLo collar.

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Billy Horschel (RLX Ralph Lauren) & Tyrrell Hatton (J.Lindeberg)
Looking to jump on the biggest color trend in the game this spring? These minty greens are as fresh as they come. Keep in mind that bright colors always have a bigger impact when worn below the waist. A mint green shirt is a safe and stylish option this season, but if you really want to dial up your look, opt for statement trousers like Horshel and Hatton did.

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Graham DeLaet (Puma Golf)
A Canadian wearing bright yellow and royal blue? Maybe this was the Swedish Incident Trump was referring to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ryo Ishikawa (Callaway Golf)
I’m usually down with whatever fashion statement Ryo wants to make, but if he’s going to wear a sweater that says, “Big Shot” with shooting stars, he has to come stronger than a T37 finish.

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Ian Poulter (IJP Design)
Our “Doing Too Much Award” this week goes to Ian Poulter. He’s never been shy about a little self-promotion, but how many more IJP Design logos can he work into this kit? I’ve never been a fan of having a huge logo at the bottom of a leg, but two is waaaaaay over the top. Overall, I like this look from Poults, but those obnoxious branding elements at the ankles disrupt the entire outfit and draw the eye away from everything that is good about it. Less is more, Ian.

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Morgan Hoffmann (Greyson Clothiers) & Ryo Ishikawa (Callaway Golf)
Microprints are still on trend and many of the best-dressed players are using them to stand out from the crowd. Go ahead and add a small all-over print to your game this spring. Just make sure you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

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J.J. Spaun (Nike Golf)
Bigger guys can’t wear slim fitting trousers? Guess again. J.J. Spaun proves that you don’t have to be the same size as Justin Thomas to wear a tapered pant. Well-tailored clothing looks good on everyone.

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Danny Willett (Descente)
Masters Champ Danny Willett quietly made a move to Descente in the offseason, but expect this partnership to make plenty of noise this year. The brand has loads of unique designs, including this daring chevron-shaped color blocked polo, and the Englishman isn’t afraid to make daring statements on the course.


  1. Love Rickie! He is great for the game and even better for golf fashion. However, he is a classic example of a guy who never looks right in his clothes. He is short (duh) and boxy (his shoulders are the same width of his hips). He needs to do something to make himself look bigger up top and more narrow at the waist….since we are seeing collars popped maybe adding some shoulder pads to his shirts would help 😉

    Not trying to be too cynical here, but hey, this is a “golf fashion” blog (can’t take things too seriously); that picture of Morgan Hoffman makes it look like his shirt is too big. And he’s a guy who typically wears his clothes well! A slimmer fitting shirt would be a much better look….

    Good stuff as always. Thanks.

  2. IJP design had a good run. The clothes are very high quality are have over 100 items from his collections. It appears Ian is phasing out the line.

    1. Hey James,

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment. You have a lot more IJP Design pieces in your closet than me, but I agree. The quality of the clothes is top notch, especially the pants. Sad if the line is being phased out. What brands are you going to wear post-Poulter?

  3. Hu:

    Thanks for the blog. I review it every week. I will just wear IJP. I have enough variety that it will not get stale. I know you have the white watch tartans. I have 15 tartans, 8 Classic Pants and 4 Technical Trousers. I also have about 35 polos, 20 sweaters and 6 belts and 8 buckles. They have had great deals the few months and I bought more while they still had them. 4 pairs of pants are now at the tailor including 2 of the Duck Egg pictured here. I will just enjoy what I have now and may make 1 more purchase in the next few weeks. They have Tartans for as low as $26 and more tech trousers for $32

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