What’s New From Druh Belts in 2016

Druh’s Fashionable Collection of Belts & Buckles Continues to Grow

When I head to the course, it is rare that I’m wearing one brand from head to toe. I like to mix and match things to keep it fresh and interesting. Maybe it’s a Greyson shirt with Devereux shorts or a Callaway polo with Dunning pants. The one consistency, however, is the Druh belt around my waist.

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I’ve been on the Druh bandwagon for a couple of years now, and I’m apparently not the only one. Flip on any PGA Tour or European Tour event and you are guaranteed of seeing several players like Lee Westwood, Robert Streb, and Andy Sullivan flashing the ‘db’ logo on their waistlines. Not to mention, Druh’s booth at the PGA Merchandise Show is always buzzing with people trying to match up the perfect strap with the perfect buckle. How about that aqua colored croc belt with the pink striped buckle? Or maybe the understated black lizard strap with a classic block buckle?

The possibilities are endless and as if it wasn’t difficult enough to narrow down the selections, Druh has added some sweet new options to the mix for 2016. My favorite strap in this year’s collection is the new Marble Leather. This belt grabbed my attention as soon as I set foot in Druh’s booth at the PGA Merchandise Show and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It is one of those ‘must-have’ accessories that will take your style game to new heights.

Druh's Marble Leather Strap
Druh Marble Leather Strap

Druh uses a soft tumble process on the leather to create a two-tone marble effect that is both eye-catching and modest. This tone-on-tone look finds itself on trend with many of the tonal camos and floral patterns that we are seeing on the apparel side of the golf fashion world.

The Marble Leather strap is available in two different colorways. The black and gray pattern creates a unique denim effect. I’ve been using it to dial up flat black, gray or navy trousers, while the bronze and black colorway can take a pair of plain khakis to the next level.

Joining the Marble Leather strap in Druh’s 2016 lineup is a new Crystal Leather strap, which is sure to make your waistline shine in more ways than one. Particles of synthetic crystals are infused in the leather dying process, which gives the strap a sophisticated sparkle – just enough bling to bring an added dimension to a pair of solid-colored trousers without feeling like your belt has been bedazzled by your seven-year-old daughter. (The latter scenario is a purely hypothetical situation that in no way has ever happened to the author.)

Druh did a nice job settling on the colorways for the Crystal Leather strap, too. The orange, graphite, and white provide great ways to punch up solid beige, black, and white trousers respectively. Think about it. Do you really need sparkly aqua, purple, or pink belts? No, those colors will stand out on their own. By sticking with basics for the Crystal Leather, Druh allows you to add a bit of flair to classic ensembles without going over the top.

Druh Stingray Texture Strap with Color Thru Buckle and Black Pouch

Hands down, my favorite strap from Druh last year was the black and white Stingray Leather. The exotic look of this belt is an absolute conversation starter. When you wear it to the course, give yourself some extra time to get to the first tee because you’ll likely get stopped several times in the parking lot, clubhouse, and practice green by people asking about it. And that’s before your playing partners even set eyes on it.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who was diggin’ the black and white Stingray. Druh says that it has been one of the most popular belts with its Tour players, and it sold out at the PGA Merchandise Show.

As a result, Druh has dropped a new blue and white Stingray model on us that is nothing short of amazing. The deep blue color works perfectly with bottoms or tops of a similar hue, and the pebbled texture is a great way to add some serious texture to solid kits. I’ve already added the blue and white colorway to my collection, and this is one guy who wouldn’t mind seeing the Stingray strap in a few more colors in 2017. (Hint, hint – orange, aqua, green, or purple)

What would a stylish strap be without an awesome buckle? Thankfully, we will never have to answer that question when it comes to belt and buckle combos from Druh. At last count, there were more than 50 different styles of buckles in Druh’s collection and that number continues to rise.

For 2016, the brand has added a gunmetal finish to its most popular buckles. This finish gives the buckles a dark and modern feel and provides a unique look beyond the typical gold, silver, and chrome options. Attach a gunmetal buckle to a black or gray belt for a smooth and elegant aesthetic, or you can pair it with a lighter belt in a complementary color for some contrast.

In addition to the gunmetal finish, the new Color Thru buckles are getting a ton of run on Tour. While most belt buckles are solid, Druh’s Color Thru buckles feature a cut out that allows the strap to be visible through the buckle. This, combined with the fact that the Color Thru buckles are available in six colorways, allows you to get creative with your buckle and strap pairings. You can match the Color Thru buckle to your belt like I did with the blue and white Stingray or you can take it to a higher level by pairing complementary colors together.

Sure, Druh’s belts are stylish, but they are also highly versatile and customizable. Since all of the straps and buckles are interchangeable, it is easy to create a customized look with the help of Druh’s online belt design tool. Plus, Druh’s belts follow the trim-to-fit model, so you are virtually guaranteed of getting a perfect fit. Oh, and you can keep the tape measure in the toolbox. Druh has printed measurements on the underside of the strap to make trimming a snap.

Pro Tip #1: your belt should be a good two to three inches bigger than your waist measurement. Keep this in mind when you cut the strap, and always error on the side of it being too big.

Joining the more than 50 different buckle options are more than 150 different straps ranging from full grain leathers to exotic textures, like snakeskin, ostrich, croc, lizard, and stingray. With so many options, I bet you can’t buy just one buckle and strap. Then again, the more you buy, the more cool black pouches and boxes you get.

Pro Tip #2: Druh’s pouches make for a stylish way to store valuables or ball markers and tees in your bag.

To check out the latest styles from Druh, head over to DruhBeltsandBuckles.com.

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