KENTWOOL’s Bubba Green Sock Supports Watson’s Charity

The Masters is so close you can almost hear Jim Nantz’s voice reverberating through the Georgia pines as he bellows, “The Masters — a tradition unlike any other.”

There’s no shortage of Masters traditions, and in recent years, KENTWOOL’s limited-edition Bubba Green Tour Profile golf socks has become one of them. You know when these green and yellow socks hit the market that the taste of pimento cheese sandwiches is just around the corner.

KENTWOOL Men's Tour Profile Sock - Bubba Green (hi-res)KENTWOOL’s limited-edition Bubba Green Tour Profile golf socks are available now at the company’s website for $19.95. Proceeds go to support the Bubba Watson Foundation when you enter the code BWSOCKS.

“KENTWOOL has been part of my career’s biggest moments and I’m grateful to be partnered with a company that is so dedicated to giving back,” says Watson. “The socks are amazing, like a hug for your feet, so I have no doubt we’ll reach our goal of selling out!”

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Bubba Green socks are made in the USA from a blend of merino wool and high-tech fibers and come with a 100-percent blister-free guarantee. Each pair features WINDspun technology that infuses the fibers with air to provide top-shelf cushioning at micro-stress points along the foot. This is said to enhance comfort and energy levels while reducing injury risk.


    1. Scott,
      Thanks for the kind words. Certainly hard to beat the performance and comfort of Kentwool’s socks. Hopefully you get them before the Masters. Enjoy!

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