Fredrik Jacobson Had a ‘Gut’ Feeling About Knickers

Why did Fredrik Jacobson break out a pair of lavender knickers for the third round of the Quicken Loans National this past Saturday?

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Was it a late tribute to Payne Stewart? Was he inspired by Rickie Fowler’s U.S. Open look? Did he have a cryptic vision of hoisting the Quicken Loans National trophy in knickers while staring into his bowl of Cheerios on Saturday morning?

Let’s just say he had a ‘gut’ feeling about them.

“It takes attention away from my gut,” joked Jacobson after the round.

And there you have it folks. You have to appreciate the candor.

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Now if you think Freddie Jac is on to something here by wearing knickers to detract from an expanding waistline, I suggest using his Saturday outfit as an example, rather than his Sunday ensemble.

Here’s why, and it has everything to do with the belt.

The dark purple belt that Jacobson wore on Saturday not only looked great, but it created less contrast against the lavender knickers. Compare this to the white belt on Sunday that has a high level of contrast against the black pants (see below). Eyes are always drawn to areas of greatest contrast (i.e., the waistline in Jacobson’s case). If you are looking to take attention away from your mid-section, match your belt to your pants.

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Freddie Jac is one of the true characters out there on Tour. What would you expect from a guy nicknamed “The Junk Man” by his peers? If you were to just look at Jacobson’s swing and painters hat, you’d expect to find him at the local muni after he cleaned up the rollers and brushes in your living room.

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He’s never been one to shy away from taking sartorial risks, either. Back in his younger days, he rocked J.Lindeberg with the best of them (see above), and last summer he sported a hipster fedora for a few rounds. A look back in the archives shows that this wasn’t even the first time he wore the plus-twos. He wore them at the 2013 Open Championship, too.

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Currently, Freddie Jac wears the contemporary styling of Swedish brand Oscar Jacobson (no relation).

By the way, what does it take to get some distribution of Oscar Jacobson golf apparel here in the U.S.? The OJ threads look fresh. Here are a few shots from the PGA Merchandise Show back in January.



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