More Evidence that Tiger Woods is Sartorially Challenged

Tiger Woods may be back from his latest injury, but apparently he didn’t crack open any issues of GQ during his recovery.

Eldrick rolled into the White House on Tuesday to break bread with the POTUS in a tie that could be best described as straight off the JC Penny clearance rack circa 1995. I can only guess that this neckwear piece was left over from a freshman formal at Stanford University because it certainly isn’t from this century.

Can someone get this guy a stylist?

I would volunteer for the job, but he seems hopeless at this point. I mean, he was married to a Swedish model and current gal pal Lindsey Vonn seems to have a sense of style, yet he is still rockin’ not-so-fresh looks. (I can’t believe I just used the term ‘gal pal’.)

Between the billowy slacks, dad jeans and goofy goatee (yet another product of the 90s), Tiger is quickly moving into Matt Kuchar territory. Remember, this duo gave us that hideous rendition of the Fresh Prince/Jazzy Jeff handshake at the Presidents Cup last year, so I rest my case.

Hey, Tiger. Here’s a link to Trunk Club. Check it out. They’ll hook you up with a stylist and send you a box of fashionable threads that are sure to up your style game to major championship levels.

Serious, though, it’s great to have you back on the course. During your absence we learned that Martin Kaymer is the best player no one wants to watch.

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