J.Lindeberg Golf Raises the Bar…Again

J.Lindeberg Golf has raised the bar with a Spring/Summer Collection that features refined styles, cutting-edge fabrics and fresh colors for the season. The collection features a range of athletic, sophisticated and trendy looks that is sure to appeal to a wide range of golfers. The palette is loaded with an eclectic mix of vibrant greens, blues and reds that are nicely balanced against classic colors like navy, black, gray and beige.

20140427-191546.jpgWithout a doubt, J.Lindeberg has been one of my favorite brands for nearly a decade. The brand’s progressive designs, bold colors and modern fits were the reasons why I developed an interest in the nuances of golf style. I admit that it took some coercing from my wife to ditch the traditional golf uniform and adopt this fashion-forward Swedish brand for the links, but once I did, I never looked back.

J.Lindeberg Golf Pants
My introduction to J.Lindeberg back in the day was through its technical pants. As someone who tees off at the crack of dawn, I was desperately looking for pants that would combat the morning dew, provide breathability as the temperatures rose and offered a better aesthetic than those baggy, played out rain pants. My search ended with J.Lindeberg’s Troon pants and over the last 10 years I’ve added the brand’s Troyan and Trenton pants to my closet.

J.Lindeberg Troon Micro Stretch Pants
J.Lindeberg Troon Micro Stretch Pants

The Troons are such a great pair of pants that they are still in J.Lindeberg’s product line in 2014, but they have received a performance upgrade this season. They are now fabricated with a polyester/elastan Micro Stretch fabric that is feathery light, highly breathable and water resistant. The fit of the new Troons is sure to appeal to a wide range of golfers. J.Lindeberg lists them as regular fit, which I would classify as a modern straight fit. They are roomy, but not baggy, through the hips and thighs and have a straight leg.

As great as the Troons are, J.Lindeberg’s Gustens are easily my favorite pants from the brand this year. They provide everything I’m looking for in a pair of golf pants. They sit perfectly on the hips and offer a narrow fit with a slightly tapered leg. Although the Gustens are slim fitting, they feature the same Micro Stretch fabric as the Troons. Whether you are strolling down the fairway, ripping a 6-iron hole high or reading a putt, you will have a full range of motion without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.

J.Lindeberg Gusten Pants with tuxedo tape detail in the side seam.
J.Lindeberg Gusten Pants with tuxedo tape detail in the side

The Gustens are available in 8 different colorways for SS14, including the eye-catching navy, red and white checkered pair. (shown above). The distinguishing feature of the Gustens is the tuxedo tape detail in the side seam that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the look. (This same checkered pattern is also available in two different styles of shorts for summer golf.)

Due to the tapered leg, I tailored my pair of Gustens to hit the top of the shoe. This prevents them from bunching around the ankles. Besides, the trend in pants is shorter these days, so go out and find some killer socks to show off.

J.Lindeberg Golf Shirts
For 2014, J.Lindeberg is offering a huge range of shirts in cotton and technical fabrics. I really like J.Lindeberg’s philosophy when it comes to fabric choices for shirts. Many of the athletic, high-performance pieces lean heavily on technical fabrics, while the classic looking pieces use cotton to enhance the vintage vibe.

The short, ribbed color and banded cuffs on sleeves give the J.Lindeberg Aston a modern, yet vintage look.
The short, ribbed color and banded cuffs on sleeves give the J.Lindeberg Aston a modern, yet vintage look.

Speaking of cotton, I’ve been pairing JL’s Aston shirt with the Gusten and Troon pants this spring. This soft cotton polo, with banded sleeves and a ribbed collar, offers a modern take on the classic polo. This is the perfect time of the year to get back into natural fabrics before the heat and humidity of summer arrive. The Marw, Bernard, Alster, Aiden, Chriss, and the classic Rubi are other great cotton picks from the brand.

Undoubtedly, my favorite J.Lindeberg shirt over the years has been the Lachlan Cool Wave with the large ‘JL bridge’ logo that spans the upper back and sleeves. (There is easily a half dozen in my closet.) This signature piece from JL is the pinnacle of performance and style. When you think of JL shirts, this is probably the one that comes to mind. It has reached iconic status in my mind. I’ve been wearing the black colorway this spring, but if you are looking to dial up the color, the royal blue and the aqua colorways are the way to go.

The J.Lindeberg Lachlan Cool Wave Polo has achieved iconic status.
The J.Lindeberg Lachlan Cool Wave Polo has achieved iconic status.

If you are a fan of the Lachlan Cool Wave, too, then you definitely want to check out the Christer Cool Wave this season — an updated version of the Lachlan with added color blocking on the front and upper back.

Brand ambassador, Jamie Donaldson, also sported a few other styles of JL shirts at the Masters that caught my eye. The Adam features bold all-over stripes while the Gustav’s strong color blocking makes a trendy and athletic statement. If you are looking for a stylish solid-colored technical polo, you really can’t go wrong with the Hunter.

J.Lindeberg Hunter Polo

J.Lindeberg Golf Belts
It is difficult to talk about a J.Lindeberg collection without delving into belts and this season’s collection is amazing. Seriously, I’d like one of each.

J.Lindeberg’s bold and brash Slater belt made belts the ‘it’ accessory on the fairways over the last decade. For Spring/Summer 2014, the Slater is joined by the sleeker Slater 40 version and is available in both leather and webbed straps. Webbed straps and d-ring buckles are in right now and you’ll find plenty of both from J.Lindeberg this season.

J.Lindeberg Thatcher Structured Webbing Belt
J.Lindeberg Thatcher Structured Webbing Belt

My go-to belt this season has been JL’s Thatcher Structured Webbing belt (shown above). This is a great looking belt that is stylish and understated while offering just a bit of personality through the branding that is designed into the strap itself.

Tip: Ditch the heavy leather belts this summer and pick up a belt with a webbed strap. Webbed belts are perfect for the warmer months as they provide a lighter look and feel.

Busting Myths About J.Lindeberg Golf
Having worn J.Lindeberg for the last decade, I’ve certainly heard a fair share of myths about the brand from playing partners. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to be a 5’9″, 180 pound gym rat like Camilo Villegas to wear JL. Does JL run a little smaller than many U.S. brands? Yes, but going one size larger in the shirts is sufficient and the pants actually fit true to size. Besides, the shirts go all the way up to XXL and pants go up to a 40″ waist. At 6 feet and 180 pounds, I can comfortably wear a large in JL shirts and my normal 32″ waist in pants.

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The cost of J.Lindeberg apparel is another thing people always bring up. Yes, I would place JL in the luxury category, but the quality is second to none. I’ve owned two pairs of JL pants for 10 years and they are still as good as when I bought them — even having been worn and washed 200+ times. The Fieldsensor technical fabric that the brand has used for years provides top shelf performance. Fieldsensor is a Japanese-developed fabric that isn’t clingy, quickly wicks moisture and holds it shape after being washed. Basically, if you are wearing JL and something stinks, it is either one of your playing partners or your short game.

Sure, most of JL’s technical shirts and pants are priced at $120 and $135 respectively, but you’ll be wearing them for years — which is more than can be said for those $60 golf shirts that are essentially disposable after a few rounds. Besides, the brand is offering pieces at lower price points these days. The new Tech Tour TX polo checks in at just $65 and the new Elof pants are under $100. You’ll want to wear handcuffs when ordering either of those because it is flat out stealing at those prices.

J.Lindeberg continues to bridge fashion and function on the golf course and the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection is just the latest example of this. As new brands seemingly pop up every month — each with its own take on modern golf style — J.Lindeberg continues to be at the forefront of the golf apparel industry by pushing the boundaries of style and performance.

As always, the best place to grab some JL gear is at Trendygolf. To keep up on new products and JL players like Camilo Villegas, Jamie Donaldson and David Lingmerth, give J.Lindeberg Golf a follow on Twitter.


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