TravisMathew: Retail Store Oasis

Water, Water Everywhere…

Back-to-school shopping was in full effect for my 12- and 15-year-old children, and I needed a respite from crop-tops and high-tops. Maybe I could find a watering hole to rest me weary bones, grab a pint, and watch sports. As I scanned the horizon for a shopping oasis in a sea of retail stores that cater to women and children, I thought about the Rime of the Ancient Mariner; “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Surrounded by hundreds of stores, why don’t any of them appeal to me? I paused momentarily to ponder my existential crisis as a consumer with nowhere to go in this urban outdoor shopping center when suddenly, aye, my day got infinitely better…

Land Ho!

In an attempt to right my ship and regain my faith in a rudderless male-retail experience I followed my ‘Northern Star’ (in this case, an intertwined T & M) and yelled out, “Land Ho!” to no one in particular. Finally, the beacon I had been seeking; was a brick-and-mortar TravisMathew retail store.

Store Manager, Chris greeted me as I made my way inside. I introduced myself and explained that this was my maiden voyage to a TravisMathew store. Chris graciously showed me around. The first thing to catch my eye was the Silver Pine colorway that populates the newest TravisMathew collection (note to self, circle back around and take a closer look at the You’ll Do T-Shirt and Live Blind Hat).

As I made my way around the shop I was reminded how TravisMathew has evolved over the years. No longer just golf apparel, they truly are a “lifestyle” brand. Last year I discovered their Legacy Demin and it has quickly become my go-to jeans. The same goes for The Daily Cuater casual shoes; they are versatile, stylish, and super-comfy. In fact, I wear those with everything!

Drunken Sailor

If ye are a landlubber when it comes to the TravisMathew in-store shopping experience, you’ll find apparel for work and play. From men’s lifestyle t-shirts, shorts, hats, pants, and button-ups to outerwear, golf polos, performance activewear, and accessories. However, what makes the TravisMathew retail store unique is the experience; you will come to shop but stay to play!


After I did my shopping (I picked up the latest color of the Legacy Denim and the Heater Vest) it was time for some shenanigans! The Pac-Man table called my name. Unfortunately, my game was a bit rusty and I quickly realized I was no match for Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. 

Maybe I should try my hand at ping-pong instead! I challenged my new friend, Chris, to a match. I won’t disclose the score, but once I got my sea legs I wasn’t horrible. Regardless, I was 0-2 on the day and decided that I was best suited to kick back and watch one of the many TV’s throughout the store.

Entertaining shopping and being entertained while I shop; what more could a guy want? By the time I left, I was happy as a “drunken sailor.” Arr…


  1. A very cool write up here….almost felt like I was there too. I’ve definitely grown to appreciate TM over the years.

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