IJP Design Launches Its Resort Collection

ijp_resortOne of my favorite collections this spring is the recently launched Resort Collection from Ian Poulter’s brand, IJP Design. I was able to get a first-hand look at this new collection during the PGA Merchandise Show a couple of weeks ago, and I walked away with two main highlights about the collection.

The first is the color palette. The palette IJP Design has selected is truly a breath of fresh air. The eclectic mix of blues, greens and yellows offers a distinctive sea-side feel that is perfect for spring.

The second is the new and improved technical fabrics, especially the 95/5 polyester/spandex blend of the new Tech Tartan trousers.

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Both the polyester/wool blend Poulter Tartans and the Tech Pants from previous IJP Design collections are in my rotation. While I’ve always been impressed with how well the tartans breathed, the Tech Pants have been a better option in warm, humid conditions.  I’ve often wondered why a technical version of the tartans wasn’t available, but in talking with the folks at IJP Design, I learned that it is actually challenging to print a tartan pattern on a technical fiber. IJP Design puts a premium on quality, so until recently, a technical version of the Tartans wasn’t possible.

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Thanks to new technology, though, IJP Design has overcome this challenge and now the Tech Tartans offer the best of both worlds. Having seen them next to the Poulter Tartans, I have to say that IJP Design nailed it with the Tech Tartans. They look and feel incredible. In addition to the polyester/wool blend Poulter Tartan and Tech Tartan, the Resort Collection also features a cotton/elastane Tartan Short. Whatever your preference, IJP Design has a tartan for you.

Those of you that follow IJP Design know that the brand is unique in the golf apparel industry for its ‘lead with the legs’ design philosophy. The signature Poulter Tartans are designed first and then coordinating pieces of the collection are designed around them. That being said, the Resort Collection is loaded with a full range of great-looking shirts, sweaters, jackets, belts and hats in complementary blues, greens and off-whites and in various technical and natural fabrics.

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A few of my favorites from the collection include the Tech Golo shirt with the quintessentially British crest print, the sporty and colorful Flag shirt, the striped Albatross shirt, the funky argyle Paragon sweater and the water-repellent Quad Tech jacket.

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IJP Design has a history of taking classic golfing looks and giving them a twist. This tradition continues with the Resort Collection. If you are thinking about a spring golf vacation, this collection from IJP Design should be on your short list of new golf apparel to check out.

For more on IJP Design’s Resort Collection, go to IJPDesign.com or IJPUSA.com.


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