Meet Matte Grey

You don’t know it yet, but you’ll probably be wearing something by Matte Grey this year.

Your first question probably is, “Who is Matte Grey?” (ironic since this is the brand’s Twitter handle).

Matte Grey was one of the new brands creating a lot of buzz at the recent PGA Show. It is the first label to launch under the new Haus of Grey Cooperative founded by Travis Johnson, who also started Travis Mathew and Leisure Society. By first looks, Johnson seems to have another winner on his hands.

In an interview with Golf Channel’s Win McMurry, Johnson said he was looking to create a color palette that men would want to wear. What does this mean? Muted colors with a focus on black and greys (sound familiar Travis Mathew fans).

The first collection from Matte Grey will be released this Spring as a collaboration between Haus of Grey designers and professional athletes. A second label is scheduled to launch under the Haus of Grey Cooperative in Spring 2014 for women called, “Heather Grey”.

Matte Grey logo: Clean, sleek, ultra-modern (from
Matte Grey logo: Clean, sleek, ultra-modern (from

One of the first things about Matte Grey that caught my in eye was the logo. As a marketing professional, I know a lot of creative thought goes into logos for new brands and the folks at Matte Grey took this to a new level by making it a feature of their polo shirts. The logo itself is clean and modern with sharp lines and angles that form the letters “MG”. It reminds me of logos I’ve seen for ultra-modern architectural firms. But, rather than sewing the logo into the shirts, the Matte Grey logo is held in place by a magnet, allowing you to choose where to apply it–on the chest pocket, sleeve, collar, back yoke, under the front placket, etc.

My initial thoughts of Matte Grey is that it is a less brash, more luxurious Travis Mathew. It definitely feels like a lifestyle brand that will transition well from the office, to the course and then to the 19th hole.

Right now the Matte Grey website consists of a single landing page and a contact form that you can submit to stay in the loop on updates.

One thing is for sure. Wherever Travis Johnson goes, good things seem to follow, so be sure to keep an eye on Matte Grey in the coming months. Check them out on the web at, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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