U.S. Open Fashion Dimes & Crimes: Day 2

BillyHo’s All-American fit, DJ’s Extracurricular style activities, Cashmere Keith returns, JT goes Hollywood, and more. We break down the best and worst looks from Day 2 at LACC.

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Fashion Dimes

Dustin Johnson (Extracurricular & FootJoy)

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The Look of the Day goes to Dustin Johnson and this fantastic fit from new label Extracurricular. This is how you do red, white, and blue. It is classic, yet modern and sporty, yet sophisticated. The polo takes me back to those retro tennis polos in the Borg/McEnroe/Conners Era. If you are looking for a polo that will move from the course to that backyard barbecue on the 4th of July, this is it. (Although I don’t see it on the Extracurricular site.)

For those unfamiliar with Extracurricular, it is the latest creation from Chris Rosaasen of TravisMathew and Rosaasen fame. The brand describes itself as, “The perfect mix of refinement and irreverence. Think Steve McQueen meets JFK. Don Perignon meets PBR.” That Steve McQueen Hollywood vibe is certainly working well for DJ this week.

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren & FootJoy)

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Another day of smooth sailing for BillyHo as he made the difficult look simple. These tomato-red trousers are not easy to pull off, but he nailed it right down to the matching belt and sponsor logo on the hat. I’m having a lot of fatigue around prints and patterns right now. Instead, I’m working more feeder stripes into my looks this summer. They add a touch of texture without being loud. And for those who commented on Billy’s scripting with, “He’ll only need the Thursday and Friday outfits,” (or something to that effect), how are you feeling now? I hope you didn’t take your prognostication skills to Draft Kings.

Keith Mitchell (Sid Mashburn & FootJoy)

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The morning marine layer meant Cashmere Keith was back in some cashmere. At this point, I’m running out of superlatives to describe Mitchell’s style, but I will say that I can’t think of a player whose style matches the aesthetic of a course better than how Mitchell’s classic fits sync with LACC’s retro design.

Brendan Valdes (TravisMathew & FootJoy)

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The Golf Fashion Story of the week has been FootJoy’s Centennial Collection and these sick limited-edition Wilcoxes. If you are lucky enough to cop a pair, follow Brendan Valdes’ lead. Let the shoes be the star of the show. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with solids or tonal patterns.

Olin Browne Jr. (B.Draddy & Adidas Golf)

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As much as those drippy retro fits are dominating your Instagram feed, we’re seeing more young players taking a different approach to old-school looks. Olin Brown Jr. is the latest to follow in Keith Mitchell’s footsteps with classic threads and a high crown visor. We’re also seeing more brown belts on the fairways and this chocolate brown belt is the perfect accessory for this look.

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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I really like Greyson’s approach to JT’s outfits this week. The Shepherd colorway has a sophisticated black-tie Hollywood feel and the Glasseye (pink) lightens up his looks with a pop of color.

Wyndham Clark (Municipal & FootJoy)

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Wyndham Clark is channeling that Rat Pack vibe, too.

Min Woo Lee (Amazing CRE & Nike)

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Ditto for Min Woo Lee in this monochromatic black outfit. This guy has one of the coolest auras in the game and is one of the few that can rock a mock neck polo. I expect he’ll have an apparel deal with a big-name brand in 2024.

Brooks Koepka (Nike)

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Other than the occasional drippy kicks, Brooks’ style can best be described as ‘blah.’ However, it was great to see him break out of his comfort zone with these teal trousers. The blue polo and teal belt were perfect choices.

Collin Morikawa (Adidas Golf)

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Mixing and matching blues has always been a safe play, but mixing and matching greens is the trendy play this year, especially with this Arctic Night colorway from Adidas.

Wilco Nienaber (Peter Millar & FootJoy)

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I’m not sure if it is the pose or the well-tailored threads, but Wilco Nienaber proves that you don’t need flashy colors and loud patterns to be eye-catching.

Fashion Crimes

Hideki Matsuyama

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What is this??? Squares, thin lines, thick lines, diagonals, horizontals. Ugh! I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by the shirt or the fact that Hideki seems to have packed multiple colorways of it for the week.

Rickie Fowler

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This one pains me as I’ve always seen Rickie as one of the fashion icons and trendsetters of the era. However, this is another design that is all over the place–palm fronds, geometric shapes, etc. This is why I’m having print/pattern fatigue right now.

Lucas Herbert

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In the words of DJ Khalid, “And another one.” Sigh.

Nico Echavarria

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Another painful Crime as I like a lot of what Nico does, but he is our White Belt Victim of the day.

Tony Finau

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Where to begin. A shirt of this color screams for dark colored trousers (navy, black, or grey), not khaki. The black Jordans and the khaki belt just don’t work. That’s Fashion 101 stuff.

Austen Truslow

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The tucked-in quarter-zip gives off a ‘soccer dad running errands on a Saturday’ vibe.


  1. Yay! Billy H. made the cut. 2 more days of great clothes to see. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about JT. We will have to miss his Sat and Sunday looks. I like Keith Mitchell’s style, however, my problem with him is too many undone buttons on the placket. Looks a little sloppy ala Harry Higgs.

  2. These first two days of reviews are amazing. I look forward to them a ton and they never disappoint. So fun!

  3. I think Truslow is in a long sleeve polo with the collar popped. I think he tries to stay out of the sun, if you see other things he wears.

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