This Week In Golf Fashion: Sawgrass Style

The Biggest Fits from The Players Championship

The FootJoy and Buscemi sequel, Viktor’s Facts of Golf Fashion, Min Woo’s vibe, and JT’s curious polo. We break down the fashion scene at TPC Sawgrass.

FJ by Jon Buscemi

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The Sequel. It isn’t often that the sequel lives up to the original, but such was the case with the latest collab between FootJoy and West Coast street-fashion icon Jon Buscemi. When they teamed up last year on those buttery Premiere Series Packards and Tarlows, I didn’t think much could top them. This year, they decided to run it back with two models of The Players Shoe–the Premiere Series Fields and Wilcoxs. Which was better? That’s like deciding between Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back back in the day.

The 2023 collection features speckled midsoles, gold Pulsar Low Profile Cleats, and gold accents around the heels, which are a nod to The Players Championship trophy. No doubt, that FJ is on another level with its collabs, and word is there are more drippy drops to come.

Viktor Hovland (J.Lindeberg & Nike)

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The Good with the Bad. Speaking of iconic entertainment from yesteryear, the Facts of Life was a hit TV show in the ’80s. Tootie, Blair, Natalie, Jo and Ms. Garrett were must-see TV before must-see TV was a thing. The series even featured a young George Clooney and Molly Ringwald. It also had a theme song that started, “You take the good, you the take the bad, you take them both and there you have the Facts of Life.”

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Nothing better explains the facts of Viktor Hovland’s fashion choices. On Thursday and Friday, I was ready to crown him with his green-on-green fits and modern takes on classic J.Lindeberg designs. Unfortunately, he lost his way by the time Sunday rolled around and his choice to pair the color-blocked Lars Polo with khaki pants had me shaking my head. Same ‘ol Viktor.

So what happened? Well check out his scripting below. He seemed to do okay when he stayed within the script, although he did switch some things early in the week. But, do you see khaki pants anywhere in that script? I think not.

Image via GolfPoser

Rant warning! Let’s stop blaming brands, designers, and stylists for players’ bad fashion choices and preferences. This isn’t limited to Hovland. Not naming names, but there are plenty of designers and stylists that work to create cohesive, stylish looks for players, but are left rolling their eyes when players flip the script or won’t venture out of their comfort zones.

I know the mixing and matching of greens may not be for everyone, but sign me up. Green is a trendy fashion color this spring, and nailing just the right contrast between two different tones hits all the right notes.

Sam Ryder (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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Going for the Green. More green-on-green. This guy doesn’t need a script, but correctly followed it. If you aren’t wearing green this spring, what are you even doing?

Justin Thomas (Greyson Clothiers & FootJoy)

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Curious JT. Greyson is know for its intricate prints, and Justin Thomas debuted the limited-edition Sawgrass Curiosities Polo that was a homage to Sawgrass when it was part forest and part swamp, and snakes, alligators, goats, and deer called the area home. This is as much a work of art as it is a polo shirt.

Min Woo Lee (Amazing CRE & Nike)

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Chillin’ Like a Villain. Love it or hate it, Min Woo Lee’s look is an absolute vibe. From the retro wraparound Oakleys to the villain ‘stache to the mullet to the golf rashguard, Lee brings that big style energy to the fairways…and he has the swagger to pull it off. As much as ’90s retro designs have ruled golf fashion in recent years, I couldn’t help but get a whiff of mid-aughts feels with his mock neck polo and back pocket flaps. We’ve been tracking Min Woo’s style for a few years, but there is still an air of mystery with his apparel sponsor.

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Amazing CRE is a Korean brand that is short for Amazing Creation. The threads look highly technical and have a price tag to match. Sounds like another reason to head to Asia for a little shopping.

Is it just me, or does your crystal ball show this guy covered in swooshes (beyond just his shoes) within a couple of years, too?

Tommy Fleetwood (Nike)

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What’s old is new again. While the ’90s are back in a big way, Nike fast-forwarded the retro movement to…the 2010’s? That’s right. With the Big Cat lacing up FJ’s these days, Nike re-released one of his most iconic shoes, the TW’13, a few weeks ago. Tommy Fleetwood is the first Tour player I’ve seen put them in play. I have to say, they jive nicely with his style. As golf sneakerheads flocked to these kicks from 10 years ago for their ‘retro’ quality, it begs the question, “How old does as shoe have to be, to be considered retro?” I say at least 20 years. 10 years doesn’t seem like enough time for something to become cool again.

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Justin Rose (Bonobos & Puma Golf)

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He’s a shoe-in. One guy that probably has plenty of vintage sneaks in his closet is Justin Rose. He seems to have the same goal as I do…try every golf shoe on the market. Michael first detailed J-Ro’s whimsical footwear ways back in 2019, and he hasn’t stop the shoe switcheroo since then. Nobody is getting more out of being a footwear free agent. Remember, he won at Pebble Beach just a few weeks ago in Air Jordan 1 Lows. Now he’s strolling around in Puma’s new Ignite Articulate.

I just imagine Justin rolling into the local Golf Galaxy, throwing one of every shoe in a shopping cart, tapping his Mastercard at the checkout, and loading up his truck with a bushel of new kicks. That’s probably not how it goes down, though.

Ben Griffin (Holderness & Bourne & FootJoy)

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Carolina Blue. You’ll be hearing a lot about Holderness & Bourne from me this year. I love what this brand is doing, and they have assembled a stylish team of Tour players, too. Everyone needs a pair of light blue pants in their golf wardrobe this spring. No surprise seeing Griffen, a UNC Tarheel, rocking the Carolina Blue. For me, the belt really makes this outfit as it creates a smooth transition from the shirt to the pants. Simple, sophisticated, and stylish.

Keith Mitchell (Sid Mashburn & FootJoy)

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Old school cool. Just our weekly ‘This Week In Keith Mitchell’s Fashion’ spotlight.


    1. Good call! Totally fits his old school style. I also like when he goes with the tabbed waistband trousers. We’ll try to hit the belt in an upcoming post.

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