No Sweat: Adidas Drops New ZG23 Footwear & Ultimate365 Tour Apparel

Adidas has announced the launch of two new product ranges for the fairways – the ZG23 shoes and Ultimate365 TOUR apparel. Both ranges arrive with the latest technologies and materials, giving Tour players and amateurs alike new options for performance footwear and apparel on the course.

Adidas ZG23

The ZG23 is the newest model in adidas’ footwear range and provides a lightweight option that doesn’t compromise on performance. The outsole and upper of ZG23 have been completely redesigned with key updates that include adidas’ LIGHSTRIKE and LIGHTSTRIKE PRO cushioning systems, ULTRA-LIGHT STABILITY FIN, and D-TRAXION for increased traction, stability, and comfort.

The LIGHTSTRIKE and LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsoles are designed with stability and comfort in mind. The LIGHTSTRIKE surrounds the perimeter of the midsole and is firmer and more stable, while the LIGHTSTRIKE PRO is softer, more cushioned, and sits inside the frame. In talking about the LIGHTSTRIKE PRO in the ZG23, Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director at adidas Golf, said this new midsole technology really allowed designers “to take the ZG franchise to the next level.”

Adding to the stability is the ULTRA-LIGHT STABILITY FIN, which has been updated to a 3D shape. No matter your swing speed, it is designed to provids lateral support during the weight shifts of the swing. Connecting the ZG23 to the ground is the D-TRAXION outsole with an updated six-cleat SWINGPLANE TRACTION outsole to increase grip across a variety of conditions. The improved design was based on research of Tour players’ swings and heat map studies. The data was plugged into an algorithm to generate the precise location and height of the lugs in the outsole.

The upper of the ZG23 is made of a premium microfiber material that is waterproof and anti-stretch, providing a comfortable and consistent fit. Look for the ZG23 to arrive on retail shelves on March 3rd in five models including options for men and women with lace or BOA® fastening, as well as a simplified laced option for junior golfers.

Adidas Ultimate365 TOUR Apparel

On the apparel side of the house, the Ultimate365 TOUR range is a showcase of adidas’ best and most innovative materials. If you tuned into the WM Open over the weekend, you likely saw Xander Schauffele and Nick Tayler sporting pieces from the collection. You also likely didn’t see either player sweating through their apparel. This is the result of No-Show materials used to craft the tops and bottoms in the Ultimate365 TOUR collection. No-Show hides the appearance of sweat through the combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns. While the hydrophilic yarns absorb sweat and move it along the inside of the fabric, the hydrophobic threads help to conceal the moisture on the outside.

Once designers found the key to keeping players looking and feeling fresh, they strategically used other high-tech materials throughout the polos, sweatshirts, and pants. PRIMEKNIT was employed to provide a better fit and stretch while using less material and creating less waste. Much like microscopic pores in the leaves of plants, Textured Mesh opens as the body moves, allowing air to flow between the material and skin. Tech Nylon is designed to move with the player and offer better range of motion. The lightweight stretch woven is found in the pants and shorts in the collection and possesses a water repellent finish to repel early morning dew and spring showers.

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