Adidas Golf TOUR360 22: First Impressions

Seventeen years after adidas Golf introduced the first TOUR360 shoe, the three-stripes brand has launched the latest chapter—the TOUR360 22. I won’t insert the obligatory, “Where has the time gone?” rhetorical question, but it is interesting to look back at the various generations and iterations that have made this adidas’ flagship footwear franchise. From the original 360WRAP and split outsole design that changed how we thought about golf shoes to the addition of the revolutionary BOOST midsole, knit uppers, BOA closure systems, and several traction systems, adidas has continued to build upon the OG and subsequent models at every turn.

As someone who owned that first TOUR360 and many pairs since, I was stoked to lace up the newest member of the family. Thanks to our friends at adidas for sending a pair in advance of the retail launch. This gave me a chance to take them for a spin over 18 holes and break down some first impressions.

Unboxing the TOUR360 22

Pop the top on the TOUR360 22 and the first thing you’ll notice is that it remains true to the classic, yet sporty aesthetic that has elevated the TOUR360 to iconic status over the years. It pairs just as easily with joggers and a hoodie as it does with a traditional country club look.

As you begin to examine the shoe, it’s clear this isn’t an iteration of the previous TOUR360 generation; this is a completely new beast. The BOOST midsole runs the full length of the shoe with a sleek and wavy design. The thicker midsole around the heel gives the TOUR360 22 a beefier look than previous generations, which is in line with the current chunky sneaker trend.


Take a closer look and you’ll notice BOOST isn’t the only material in the midsole. It is combined with a horseshoe-shaped EVA stability frame to form the DUALSTACK midsole. The stability frame is strategically placed on the perimeter of the forefoot for lightweight stability, comfort, and performance. It didn’t take more than a few steps for me to realize the TOUR360 22 has serious bounce and energy return. Then, after a few swings, it was easy to feel the stability of the EVA chassis that the TOUR360 franchise is known for.

Get a Grip

Flip the shoe over and a completely redesigned outsole with the latest iteration of adidas’ SPIKEMORE will be staring you in the face. The six large, blade-like cleats are combined with molded lugs in a new configuration. What’s interesting about these cleats is the fact they are actually injected directly into the TPU. They don’t screw in and out. By injecting the cleats, adidas discovered it can place them more precisely and adjust the density. It allowed designers to create unique inside and outside arm shapes and adjust the size of the cleats depending on where they sit on the outsole. Also, each cleat has a center cone to help with overall traction.

What does this mean for on-course performance? With each step and at address, I could feel the blades of the cleats opening up and spreading out in the grass bringing me closer to the ground and giving me the confidence to generate power from the ground up without slipping. These cleats are also easy on greens so you’ll score some bonus points with your superintendent. Overall, this new outsole feels more flexible and moves more naturally with the foot compared to previous models of the TOUR360.

Get Locked In

If you have ever walked 18 holes in a shoe with a poor fit, you’ll appreciate the emphasis adidas’ designers put on the fit of the TOUR360 22. The shoe sits on the brand’s Feet You Wear(™) last. Ironically, Feet You Wear was introduced nearly a decade before the first TOUR360 model landed on store shelves. It is designed to create a better connection to the ground and accommodates the natural movement of the foot in all directions since it mimics the natural shape of the foot. Those of you who study the modern golf swing know this movement and connection to the ground is where power is generated.

Another component of adidas’ new TOUR360 FIT is a 3D TORSION(™) SYSTEM that provides the stability and locked-in feeling in the midfoot area that has been a key benefit of the TOUR360 since the beginning. At the launch event, Xander Schauffele was quick to point out that the cut-out area of the torsion system allows the mid-foot to expand as the foot hits the ground. If you have flat feet, you’ll love this feature.

Working in tandem with the Feet You Wear last to cradle the foot, especially the heel, is the INSITE Sockliner. As someone who has battled heel and achilles issues the last few years, I appreciate the locked-in feeling, support, and extra cushioning. Adding to that locked-in feeling from the top of the foot is a new collar pad, which conforms to the foot for a personalized fit.

It is also worth noting that for the first time, the women’s TOUR360 22 models possess the same technology as the men’s models.

Dial It In

Adidas and BOA have had a strong partnership for several years. The collaboration has produced several new innovations around fit and performance. For the TOUR360 22, the pair developed a new system called PerformFit Wrap(™). Two overlapping panels, controlled by the micro-adjustable Li2 dials, pull down and over the instep to lock the foot in place with a customized fit.

If you’ve been a fan of previous TOUR360 generations, the TOUR360 22 is a logical choice for the season ahead. This is a serious upgrade. If you haven’t worked it into your rotation in the past, this is a chapter you can’t miss.

The TOUR360 22 will be offered in five models: both laced and BOA models for men and women, and a simplified lace model for junior golfers. The laced models of the TOUR360 22 are available now at, the adidas app, and at select retailers worldwide. The BOA models will be available shortly thereafter, beginning March 1.


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