Holiday Gift Guide for the Fairways & Beyond

Social media often gets a bad rap. A lot of it is well deserved. However, not enough attention is paid to the positives. For those that use social platforms to uplift, rather than destroy, it is a rewarding experience. Social media provides the opportunity to connect with others around the world who share similar interests. This brings me to Mike Bartels, a.k.a. @pinsandpassports.

Mike and I have similar styles, appreciate many of the same brands, and share a passion for golf fashion. The more we talked about our individual holiday gift guides, the more it became apparent we should partner with each other on a single, epic list of gift ideas. Both of us had the same request, though. It had to be authentic. Only items that were actually on our personal wish lists or products we owned and loved were worthy. So here we are; decking the halls (and fairways) with everything from fashionable shoes and stylish layers to the coolest gear and smoothest spirits.

Happy Holidays! Also, be sure to drop your gift ideas in the comments below. Hit us up with any questions, too.

Apparel & Accessories

Greyson Clothiers Sweaters

GolfThreads: These are definitely on the luxury tip, but worth every penny. Greyson sweaters have been the first things on my list for three years running. A roaring fire, smooth bourbon (see below), and soft cashmere Greyson hoodie or crewneck is the best way to beat Old Man Winter. On or off the course, pair the simple solids or bold patterns with joggers, 5-pocket tech trousers, or corduroys.

Solo Golf Fleece Blocked Hoodie Vest & Bag Towel

PinsAndPassports: Solo is a brand I have grown to love and I have come to love the people behind the brand. Dan and Tess continue to develop fantastic pieces that look good on and off the course. They are perfect for those West Coast winter rounds and those east coasters coming out of the winter. Solo took the bones of the Core vest and made some updates to it. Personally, we are fans of the new enhancements.

GolfThreads: Solo’s Core Hooded Vest was one of my favorite gifts last Christmas. The new fleece version is at the top of my list this year. This is the only hood that I’ve found that stays in place during my swing.

Asher Layering Hoodie & Gloves

GolfThreads: No doubt hoodies are having a moment in golf. Once considered taboo on the fairways, nearly every golf apparel brand has a hoodie in its AW21 collection. My favorite this fall? Asher’s Layering Hoodie. Not bad considering this is the brand’s first real apparel collection. Super soft, warm, and stretchy, this is the layering piece you’ll live in this winter. You might as well ask for two because once your significant other realizes how comfy these are, you are sure to lose one of them. Of course, a color-coordinating glove is the perfect on-course accessory.

Lululemon Reversible Shirt Jacket

PinsAndPassports: One piece of clothing I am growing to like more and more is the shirt jacket. I think the shirt jacket is such a versatile piece and will be making a big push in golf. Be ahead of the trend and get it in your wardrobe now. It is truly an on and off the course, easy to come to happy hour after 9 holes and no one knows you were just golfing.

Field Day Sporting Co. Hoodie & Run Boy Golf Tee

GolfThreads: Patrick Keegan is one of the most creative and stylish dudes I know. After successful stints at a couple of my favorite golf apparel brands, I’m stoked to see that PK has busted out on his own and built his own label and retail shop with Field Day Sporting Co. The vintage vibes bring me back to simpler times and the laid-back pieces possess a well-broken in comfort. Not to mention, that Run Boy logo already feels like it has reached iconic status.

G-Tech Heated Sport Pouch 2.0

PinsAndPassports: G-Tech Heated Sport Pouch 2.0 is the must-own item for any golfer who wants to play through the winter weather. You probably saw this item on some of the Ryder Cup players keeping their hands warm in the early morning rounds. The heating technology will generate heat that will warm your hands and keep them warm.

Jones Golf Beanies

GolfThreads: Not only did the U.S. Ryder Cup Team make hoodies mainstream, but they also made bobble hats cool again, too. I found one of these Jones beanies under the tree last Christmas and it carried me through the winter. Whether it is the PNW pattern designed by Greyson or a retro varsity script, these will keep your head warm and your winter golf fits looking fire.

Vuori Kore Shorts, Sunday Joggers & Vital Crew

GolfThreads: Are you ready to get after it this off-season? I’ve been rockin’ Vuori’s threads in the gym and on lazy Sundays for several years. Everything is well-tailored with a clean fit. Plus, you get the performance you need without looking like a high-tech superhero.


Precision Pro R1 Range Finder

PinsAndPassports: It is time to upgrade your range finder, but why break the bank on it. The new Precision Pro R1 Smart Range finder is the next generation of range finders. With slope technology, wind assists, GPS distance for front/middle/back, magnetic grip, pulse technology, a rechargeable battery, and what might be the best advancement for a range finder, Find my Precision Pro. You will never lose your range finder again. Use code PINS20 for $20 off

Sentinel Golf Scout Range Finder Cases

GolfThreads: By now you have your gear dialed with a sick bag and some fresh headcovers to match. Why kill the vibe with a boring range finder case that lacks any style or character? A Scout Range Finder Case from Sentinel is the upgrade your bag needs. Not only are the Scouts aesthetically on point, but they are also functional and well made from a variety of Cordura, Ballistic, and X-Pac materials. Completely waterproof, lined with neoprene, and finished with brass swivel hooks and paracord zipper pulls, the Scout will give your range finder the protection and security it deserves.

PinsAndPassports: Another up-and-coming golf brand that has emerged over the past year. They are giving your range finder cases the upgrade they need. These soft-shelled cases protect your range finder from the elements while providing a classic look that will match your bag.

Bubba Whips Alignment Sticks

PinsAndPassports: Alignment sticks are something that every golfer needs. Bubba Whips are the perfect training tool with that touch of swagger in your bag. With plenty of cool colorways and designs, you have no issue picking the right ones for your golfer.

Par Perfect Par Board Tour

GolfThreads: As a junior golfer, I hated to practice putting. Now, I love the solitude of a good session on the practice green challenging myself with different drills. Coincidentally (or not), rolling the rock has become the best part of my game. But, as with everything in golf, it can get better. I fully expect my putting will be Tour-level with the Par Board in 2022.

Dimple & Divot Brushes

PinsAndPassports: Our world of golf is becoming more and more customizable. It only makes sense that the one item that keeps your grooves clean also be customizable. Dimple and Divot has done just that.

GolfThreads: Your bag deserves better than that generic white cleaning brush. Up your style quotient with a hand-painted hickory number.

Theragun Wave Duo

PinsAndPassports: Everyone knows the importance of the percussive devices that Theragun sells. These are great devices for a pre-round warm-up and post-golf recovery. The device I want to highlight is the Wave Duo.

The Wave Duo is an item that is ergonomically contoured to the back, spine, and neck. This portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution. Five powerful vibration frequencies and high-traction wave grooves work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need—releasing soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement.



PinsAndPassports: Yes, I am doing a campaign with ECCO. But I can say with total sincerity that they are as comfortable as advertised and these past years they have taken the design up a notch.

True Linkswear True Lux Pro & True Knit II

PinsAndPassports: True has been a brand that continues to grow and push what a golf shoe is. It is good to have a winter/spring pair and a pair of summer knits.

Civardi Custom Shoes

GolfThreds: Unique and personal gifts are always the best, and nothing is better than a one-of-a-kind custom pair of shoes. Civardi’s customization tool is fun and easy to use. The most difficult part is choosing from the virtually endless options and combos. Sick!

Lusso Pelli

PinsAndPassports: More and more golfers are walking. We are always looking for the most comfortable on-course shoes, but it’s the after-round shoe that I want. Lusso is the right shoe for the post round.


Bourbon was a topic that was brought up by multiple people. We want to highlight a few of our favorites.

Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon

PinsAndPassports: The Michter’s is one of my favorites. It is a great bottle to keep on the bar cart, an easy drink, and one that people will enjoy without having to dip into your good stuff.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Bourbon

PinsAndPassports: Now this is not a high-end bourbon, BUT it is a great holiday bourbon. The amount of cool crafty cocktails you can make with this is fun and if you have someone who isn’t a big bourbon drinker but wants to try it, it’s an easy way to get them hooked.

Maker’s Mark “Bitters & Bottles Spiced Cobbler” Private Selection Bourbon

GolfThreads: Local craft spirits shop, Bitters & Bottles, included this Private Selection in its latest Whiskey Club offering and I’m all in. Holiday flavors like caramel, warm toasty oak, bright ripe cherries, sweet peaches, creamy vanilla, candied orange peel, pie crust, and a hint of tobacco hit all the right notes this time of the year.

Greyson G.O.A.T on the Rocks Glasses & Decanter Set

PinsAndPassports: We all know someone who plays golf and loves a good glass of an adult beverage after. This set will look nice on the bar and in your hand.


Dave Baysden

PinsAndPassports: If you don’t have a Baysden piece in your office, bedroom, living room, or kitchen, then you need to add one now. If you have a Baysden in your house then you need to add another one. Grab an already done print or give your friends a tip and have them hire Dave for a custom piece. (See Originals. See Commissions.)

Greyson Icon Candle

PinsAndPassports: Your significant other will appreciate your appreciation of good smells.

Greyson 18 Oz. Icon Traveler Water Bottle

Beard Cape

PinsAndPassports: This is a non-golf one but your significant other will LOVE you for this one. The beard cape is a must for frequent trimmers.


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