Jon Rahm Moves to TravisMathew & Cuater

When Jon Rahm tees it up at the Sentry Tournament of Champions this week, he will do so in new fits from TravisMathew and new kicks from Cuater.

We’re just days into golf’s version of the hot stove league (or transfer window) that sees players switching sponsors in the hopes of more lucrative deals, better fitting equipment, and more stylish threads. As the number two player in the world, Rahm’s change is easily the most buzzworthy of the year.

Rahm’s move to TravisMathew and Cuater requires some connecting of dots. His apparel and footwear switches are actually part of a bigger deal that sees him exchanging his TaylorMade sticks for new Callaway clubs. You’ll remember Callaway purchased TravisMathew for a cool $125 million in 2017. That same year, Cuater struck a licensing deal with TravisMathew that started with belts and has since expanded to socks, hats, gloves, and shoes. Net/net; Rahm’s new clubs, clothes, and footwear fit into a tidy package under the Callaway umbrella.

Don’t expect a major style shift for Rahm. During his time at Adidas, he favored the brand’s more classic apparel and footwear. This will make him a good fit for TravisMathew’s timeless looks with modern twists.

In Rahm, TravisMathew adds an elite player to its team—something it has been missing since Bubba Watson jumped ship. The SoCal brand can also leverage the Spaniard’s international influence to boost sales in Europe and beyond. Besides, in a crowded and competitive golf shoe market, having a player of Rahm’s stature brings legitimacy to Cuater’s growing footwear ambitions.

What will Rahm be sporting on the Aloha and West Coast Swings? Word is his early favorites include TravisMathew’s Heater Series, Zinna, Perfect, Tender Hooligan, Through Being Cool, Almost Made It, and Two Min Drill polos. He’ll likely pair those with the Open to Close Pure Performance Pant and Wanderlust Jacket, a casual full-zip hoodie. We also expect him to wear The Moneymaker and The Ringer shoes from Cuater.


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Rahm was spotted sporting multiple colorways of Jordan 11 shoes at Kapalua. We have learned that is transitioning to Cuater shoes in the near future but will be wearing the J’s in the meantime.


  1. I like the TravMathew look on Rahm and it showed well at the TOC. The Jordans look a little weird on him. Maybe its the change but it doesn’t seem like his shoe. He appears to be a non-flashy shoe guy and those shoes are louder than him.

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