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My oldest child, Wade, recently turned 13. He’s all over the place for sizing (Youth XL in some apparel and as big as a Men’s Medium in others). For his birthday this summer he wanted new golf polo’s (TravisMathew is his favorite brand). My dilemma; Massachusetts was one of the last states to allow golf courses to open so getting to my local pro shop to size the lad up was no easy task.

Enter TM Rewards from TravisMathew. In addition to a multitude of other benefits they offer for joining, TM Rewards has free standard shipping and free returns. You read that correctly. FREE! This was a no-brainer. On a Sunday afternoon, I set up a free account (seeing a trend here?), added some gear to my bag, hit submit, and by Thursday, voila! Not only was the shipping free, but it was also fast and the entire process was risk-free!

Admittedly, I did not need to return anything (I guessed he’d be a Men’s Small and indeed he was) but the process seems simple enough to initiate. Go to your account, click on “Orders,” and press the “Return” button. Seems pretty straight forward and painless.

In addition to the fast and free shipping, I earned five points for every $1 spent. These points act like currency (think free money), allowing you to receive additional savings on their merchandise. Once you earn 500 points, you can cash them in for $5 worth of savings. Points can be earned and redeemed at (including Cuater purchases) or a TravisMathew retail store.

TM Rewards is a tiered program. Meaning, as you continue to make purchases, new tier statuses within the program are unlocked (Plus, Preferred, Executive) which gives you access to even more awesome benefits.

Rewards Available at Every Tier Status:

  • Birthday rewards
  • Early access to sales
  • Free shipping and returns

Elite Rewards Earned as you Unlock Higher Tier Statuses:

  • Free tailoring
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Free annual gifts
  • Early access to product launches is only earned as you unlock higher levels.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to look as good as Wade, sign up!

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  1. Really great writeup explaining the TM rewards. Fav pic was the last one of the kid. Like father like son, he sure looks like you. 🙂

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