O Tiger, My Captain; His Top 5 ‘Fits at The Presidents Cup

I’ve often said that if you have a passion for golf fashion, then you are a friend of GolfThreads. This brings us to a special guest post today from one of my favorite Instagram follows, @GolfKhakis. In less than two years, he has amassed over 5,000 followers on the Gram by scoring the best and worst looks golf fashion has seen on a scale of 1 to 100. There is a healthy mix of modern-day ‘fits and tremendous throwbacks from decades gone by. If you are not following @GolfKhakis, now is the time to give that Follow button a tap.

Now, here is GolfKhakis and Tiger’s five best ‘fits from the Presidents Cup.

First, for our sanity’s sake, let’s bury our game’s greatest debate ever written and simply pin Tiger as having the greatest impact on the game, ever. Period. Case closed… until next time.

TW turns 44 this month, and his time as captain has finally arrived. It’s never too early, hell, Arnie was just 34 when he was playing captain for the Ryder Cup squad in ‘63. So let’s dream that this is the first of many for Tiger, with Ryder Cup captainship to follow. As we salute our Presidents Cup chief this week, we showcase his top five fashion looks from an event that began back in ‘94; two years before Tiger went pro (ah, where does the time go).

Team unis are assigned outfits, yet when worn by the sport’s first elite athlete of his kind, the formidable ‘Michael Jordan of golf,’ there is no comparison when Woods wears the same outfit as let’s say, Hunter Mahan. Golf uniforms are not worn equal.

The Top Five Pres Cup Unis Worn by TW

5. 2005: Before his personal defeat with baldness, there was a tiger-spotted head of hair up there.

Embed from Getty Images

4. 2000: ‘Tiger-Slam’ Woods at the turn of the millennium, ready to kill, pleats and all.

Embed from Getty Images

3. 2013: His most recent time playing in the Presidents Cup; in a classic, minimalist dad-hat.

Embed from Getty Images

2. 2011: No player in history has sweater-vest game like the Big Cat.

Embed from Getty Images

1. 2009: Fully atop the world of sports, in a ‘Sunday red’ sweater and smile.

Embed from Getty Images

* Honorable Mention… 2017: Our Nike shades vice captain, equipped with golf cart escort.

Embed from Getty Images

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  1. I still really like the Tiger argyle sweater he wore with Stricker when he pulled the utliimate tour sauce move and not only did the club twirl but kept his arms out to the right. That was a solid look. I think it was 2013 at Harding Park?

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