This Week In Golf Fashion: The Sound of Silence

This Week In Golf Fashion returns with a trip to the Riviera Maya and a look at the best ‘fits from the Mayakoba Golf Classic

Hello darkness, my old friend
I’ve come to talk to you again

Simon & Garfunkel–The Sound of Silence

I admit it. I enjoy easy listening radio. This morning I heard Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence on my way to work. The first few lines of this song made me think about the value of meditation and being reflective.

The past couple of months I took a break from TWIGF to recharge and reflect. However, I have become increasingly frustrated with how “noisy” our country has become, our politicians in particular. “People talking without speaking. People hearing without listening.” I don’t feel empathy from our leaders. We all need to learn how to listen without speaking. Most importantly, understand before we speak.

Hello, old friends. I have come to talk to you again. I return from my silence to sound off on my favorite looks at the Mayakoba Golf Classic.

Scott Stallings (Smathers & Branson)

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Darkness engulfs old friend, Scott Stallings in the above photo. However, his Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt was a ray of sunshine. Need a unique gift idea this holiday season for the belt-lover in your life? Check out Smathers & Branson. The recipient won’t be disappointed.

Brian Gay (G/Fore)

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Since we are discussing darkness, belts, and gift ideas. There is a pretty good chance the G/Fore Killer T’s Belt will be on my list this year. If I’ve been “nice” that is…

Roger Sloan (Lululemon)

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Canadian, Roger Sloan looks cool in the Lululemon Capacity Polo, eh?

Tyler McCumber (TravisMathew)

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There aren’t many visible tattoos in professional golf. I once wrote an entire article about Golfers With Attitude (G.W.A) and gave extra points for visible ink. I for one like Tyler’s tats. I also like Tyler’s trousers. The TravisMathew Beckladdiums are crazy comfortable. Almost like not wearing pants at all. Digging the NV5 lid. For anyone who is curious, NV5 is a technical engineering and consulting firm. They have a cool hat!

Billy Horschel (Ralph Lauren)

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Did you know that TravisMathew sponsored Billy Horschel prior to his deal with RLX? I cannot imagine Billy-Ho in anything other than Ralph Lauren. They are such a perfect pairing. Billy’s pants (yet again) caught my eye. This kit was perfect as a result of the plain white polo. Could another Threadie be in Mr. Horschel’s future? Methinks so.

Peter Malnati (FootJoy)

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Do I spy Peter Malnati wearing the new FootJoy Flex XP? I just received a pair of these 100% waterproof kicks. Although I haven’t worn them on the course yet (I live in New England so my opportunity to get out and golf out are slim once we turn back the clocks), I did wear them on a very rainy Monday! I can attest that the Flex XP is every bit as waterproof as it is comfortable. That’s saying a lot. These will definitely be going into my rotation come Spring.

Scott Brown & Danny Lee (Peter Millar)

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Embed from Getty Images

Peter Millar’s novelty polo game was strong at Mayakoba. Scott Brown’s Landmark Tailgate Performance Polo is perfect for college football fans. Danny Lee wore the equally entertaining Crown Crafted Sonny Performance Polo that was inspired by the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The thing about novelty polos is “they’ve been going in and out of style, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile.” Sorry about that. Sometimes I get carried away.

D.A. Points (William Murray Golf)

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I am glad to see Peter Millar having a good time with their golf polo shirts. NO ONE, however, has more fun than the gang at William Murray Golf. The new Clubber Lane Polo is sure to be a hit. I’d go so far as to say this shirt is a knockout.

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  1. Ruuska – We missed you and glad to see you are back with this article series. I love the weekly recaps. Does Malnati’s belt match his lavender print shirt? If so, that is very impressive because it looked hard to do. Excellent find on the Stalling’s belt. That is how you spice up black.

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